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World’s Best Cities To Live In


Our world changes each year, so do the rankings. Each year, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Global Liveability Report, releases an update for most livable cities in the world which is based on Stability, Healthcare, Culture and Environment, Education, and Infrastructure.

Below are the 10 best cities to live in the world.

10- Adelaide, Australia

Credits: cityofadelaide

Adelaide in Australia is famous for its vineyards, world-class restaurants, and pristine beaches. No wonder it’s the 10th best city to live in the world.

9- Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though Copenhagen has a high cost of living, citizens still enjoy a perfect education system, countless fee parks, and art galleries,

7- Toronto, Canada (tie)

Canada’s largest city is also one of three Canadian cities in this year’s list. Toronto is proud of its healthcare system, as well as its diverse community.

7- Tokyo, Japan (tie)

Living in Tokyo is almost like living in the future! The Japanese capital has more Michelin stars than any other place on earth and is—no surprise—one of the world’s best food destinations.

6- Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is so beautiful, you can’t believe your eyes! This Canadian city is a melting pot of cultures with more than 50% of its residents being born abroad.

5- Calgary, Canada

Vancouver and Toronto are always competing with each other, not knowing that their cousin, Calgary is officially the most livable city in Canada. With Lake Louise and Banff National Park, Calgary is like heavens for nature lovers.

4- Osaka, Japan

Often overshadowed by the capital, Osaka is an amazing destination itself, especially for foodies since Osaka is one of the best food cities in all of Japan.

3- Sydney, Australia

Sydney was the only city on the list that has improved its overall score since last year. This city’s goal is to become as Eco-Friendly as possible by 2030.

2- Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the most liveable city in Australia and the second-most livable city in the world. This city is one of the travelers most favorite cities to visit because of its world-class art, famed coffee, and cuisine.

1- Vienna, Austria

Maintaining its last year’s position, Austria’s capital, Vienna is officially the best city to live in the whole world. Because of the city’s government that puts a lot of resources behind infrastructure and housing, the cost of living here is far lower than comparable European cities.

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