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12 Reasons why you should visit Cape Verde


Cape Verde is an unknown Island-country in Africa. This beautiful country is a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by travelers. There are a lot of things to do in Cape Verde and lots of reasons to pay a visit to this fabulous country. Being a fairly developed country in Africa, Cape Verde is a must-see if you like to offer yourself a treat from your stresses in life.

If you’re thinking of the next place to add to your bucket list, keep reading because, in this post, we’ll talk about the top 12 reasons why you should visit Cape Verde.


1- Winter Escape

Being overshadowed by the Spanish territory of the Canary Islands, Cape Verde is just as good as the Canary Islands (if not better) when it comes to being a winter escaping destination near Europe. The weather in winter is nice and pleasant and makes you feel like it’s Mid-Spring. There are some showers though, but they usually don’t last longer than an hour or two, and the islands would show you the bluest sky to make it up!

2- The Beaches

Cape Verde’s beaches are spectacular, especially in the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. You can book an all-inclusive package in one of the world-class resorts, or simply discover them yourself. Even if you’re traveling to Cape Verde for other reasons, you must dedicate a day to the beach.

3- filled with activities

Thanks to the mostly European expats who were trying to find a way to live in this amazing country, there are a lot of activities to do in Cape Verde. You can be canyoning, surfing, parapente, scuba diving, and snorkeling, just to name a few.


4- Breathtaking Landscapes

When you search Cape Verde on search engines, it gives you the impression that this beautiful country is all about its beaches, which is not true at all. From volcanoes to walking trails, you’d be surprised to see how beautiful and breathtaking the Cape Verdean landscapes are.

5- People

It’s interesting to note that when Portuguese sailors discovered Cape Verde, there was no inhabitant on these islands. The first people who started settling in Cape Verde were the Europeans and Africans who moved there after its discovery during the 15th century.

Cape Verdean people are beautiful (mostly a mixture of European and African), welcoming, and relaxed all day long! You’d feel pretty much like you’re at home.

6- The Climate

Cape Verde has ideal always-spring weather where it never gets too hot or too cold. The temperature is around 20-30°C (68-86 °F) throughout the year, no matter which month it is. Kind of too good to be true, right?


7- Backpacking Haven

Sao Vicente and Santo Antão islands are perfect for backpacking. The archipelago is great, especially if you’re into hiking. With numerous trails through dramatic volcanic landscapes and green cultivated valleys, you should definitely awaken the backpacking spirit that’s within you.

8- The Festivals

Credits: CapeVerde

As soon as the summer starts, you can enjoy numerous colorful, happy festivals in Cape Verde.

Boa Vista’s Santa Isabel (Municipality Day) – 4 July – Celebrating the patron saint of the island, Saint Isabel, with processions, swimming, a public ball, and more.

São Vicente’s Baia das Gatas Festival – August Full Moon – a music festival featuring many local bands and artists.

Santiago’s Tabanka – June/July – a celebration of the liberation of the slaves.

Sal’s Santa Maria Festival/Municipality Day – 11 & 12 September – an annual music festival with live acts and lots of food and drink to enjoy.

9- Wildlife 

The waters around Cape Verdean islands are perfect for Marine life. The turtle-watching season runs from June to October while Whale watching season runs from February to May.

From July and September, you can embark on evening excursions that show these turtles laying their eggs on the beach. It would be an amazing and educating experience if you’re traveling with kids.


10- Island-hopping

Cape Verde is made up of ten islands. Each island has its own character. For example, Mindelo is known to have a taste for music and it’s the birthplace of Cesaria Evora, Cape Verde’s most famed singer. You’d experience a whole different cultural impression from residents in each of the Cape Verdean islands. It’s also fairly easy to hop around the islands by a short flight or a pleasant boat riding.

11- Cape Verdean cuisine

Credits: Wikipedia

Cape Verdean cuisine is one of a kind, being influenced by Portuguese and African cuisine while having access to the freshest fishes. Corn and beans are staples of Cape Verdean cuisine. Also popular are rice, fried potatoes, cassava, and vegetables such as carrots, kale, squash, fish, and meat such as tuna, sawfish, lobster, chicken, grilled pork, and eggs. One legacy of the Portuguese on the islands is olives and Alentejo wines which are still imported.


12- Still Unknown

Even though Cape Verde is a beautiful must-visit country, an average traveler has no idea that it exists, let go of being able to find it on the map. If you talk to other tourists on the islands, most of them would tell you that they had no idea that Cape Verde exists and that Cape Verde is a real country! Then use it to your advantage before it gets packed with international tourists.

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