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Why are there two Countries called Congo?! (Part 2)


What is the Democratic Republic of the Congo or DR Congo or DRC? hy are there two Congo? What is Republic of the Congo or R Congo? DR Congo vs. Congo? What’s DR Congo language? What is DR Congo culture like? Republic of the Congo vs. DRC? Where is DRC Capital? Where is Republic of the Congo capital? What is the language of people in Congo? You can read all the answers below!

Our world’s geography is full of wonders. Just by looking at the map, you’ll face a lot of questions like why two Spanish cities are in Morocco, or why there are too many enclaves between European countries, but the one that always occupied my mind was when I zoomed in on African countries of “Republic of the Congo” and the “Democratic Republic of the Congo”. Why should there be two of them while they’re exactly beside each other?

We’ll find the answer in this part. In the first one, we talked about the larger sister, the “Democratic Republic of the Congo” or simply “DR Congo” and even simpler “DRC”!

In this Part we will talk about the smaller sister, the “Republic of the Congo” or “R Congo”!

Recent History of R Congo

Despite its sister DR Cong, Republic of Congo was colonized by France and that is what made these twin sisters separated!

They have always been close to each other but not interested to get united at all.

R Congo accepted Communism by the Soviet Union’s influence as soon as France recognized them as an independent nation which changed its perspectives for over 20 years. A dictator started ruling and after a few years, a civil war got started. at last, people became too unhappy that the regime changed its’ anti-imperialism system towards it!

They discovered oil a while ago and now they’re doing way better than their neighbor, DRC!

People in R Congo

Republic of Congo is a diverse country where more than 60 languages are being spoken.

People are of African descendants, mostly from Kongo ethnicity.

R Congo is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa where more than %80 of the population lives in the cities.

What to do in Republic of the Congo

Nabemba Tower in R Congo

This 30 floors tower is located in the capital, Brazzaville. It can be seen from far distances as it’s the country’s tallest tower. It got severely damaged during the civil war but they could manage to repair it which cost them more than the original budget for building it!!

basilique Sainte-Anne-du-Congo de Brazzaville

This church is one of the Brazzaville’s symbolic monuments. It was built in 1936 by French architectures and it’s beautiful in n’ out!

Lake Tele in R Congo

This lake is a special one! It’s too hard to access it and people truly believe that a creature lives in it called “Mokele-mbembe”! There are a lot of stories and rumors about this unique creature!

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