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The ultimate travel guide to Benin


Is Benin a country? Where is Benin capital? What is voodoo voodooism? what does Voodoo mean? Is Voodoo a religion? Voodoo, a witchcraft religion? Is Benin a republic? What are Benin people like? Is Benin in Africa? what is Benin Kingdom?

There are a lot of religions in the world. Some of them made their way to become official in different countries.

There’s a religion you never heard of that’s official in one country, Voodooism in Benin.

Let’s have a little info about this unique country and then we continue on this religion.

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Recent History of Benin

Portugal exported most slaves they needed from Benin and for this reason, many African people who are living in the western countries have Beninese background.

After Portugal, France made Benin a colony and rather than the slavery business, they were interested in the gold mines and they also had cultural influences. In 1960, when Benin became independent and chose French as their official language.

People in Benin

Almost all of the population is a combination of African tribes with very few white people.

Outside of the capital, Porto-Novo, most people have barely seen a white person in their life, then if you’re white expect to be called and noticed a lot.

In fact, you are more of an attraction for them than they are for you!

What to do in Benin

Voodoo, an Official religion in Benin

OK, back to the topic! Voodooism is exactly like witchcraft and spirit worshiping you probably already have in your mind!

Voodoo priests use special herbs, both for healing and poisoning enemies. Sometimes they feel like the spirits they’re connected to, need a sacrifice which is normally either a chicken or sheep.

Pythons Temple, a Voodoo holy shrine in Benin

This temple is the Mecca of Voodooism where they worship Python snakes.

The snakes which reside in the temple usually go out during the day into the city and come back at nights or people bring them back!

Ganvie, Africa’s Venice in Benin

People use boats to get around this village. On average, each family has 3 boats at home, one for the father, one for the mother and one for the children to go to school.

There’s even a street (As they refer to it) that’s for finding the love of your life!

Dantokpa Market in Benin

Tokpa (what locals call it) is the largest open-air market in West Africa. It is located in an area of over 20 hectares. It is a valuable source for Benin’s economy.

World-class Beaches in Benin

Last but not the least, the beach!

Benin is home to beautiful beaches in the south and there are a lot of hotels to choose from.

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