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14 tips for having the best solo traveling experience


Traveling alone could be scary for some people, especially if they’re used to be backed up by friends and family their whole life, but there’s a joy in traveling alone that after doing it once, you can’t wait to plan your next solo travel. However, some tips would come handy while you’re traveling on your own.

In this post, we’re going to check each aspect of solo traveling, like what to pack when you’re traveling alone, where to stay while you are traveling alone, and where to go while you’re traveling on your own!

Save up

It seems tempting to travel and put the cost of your traveling on your credit card, or even easier, finance your travel cost and worry about it later! But it’s not the best idea to deal with the stress caused by paying for your traveling after you’re back. Somehow, this loan would make you forget how much fun your solo traveling was, and you’ll probably never do it again!

It’s wise to calculate how much money you might need. Estimate the time you’d like to travel and check the round trip flight ticket’s price and the amount you are going to pay for your hotel, and even estimate how much you are likely to spend daily while you’re traveling.

Numerous ways would help you saving up for your travel such as Couchsurfing where you can find a free bed (and possibly a good friend for life), or booking your flight when it’s not the peak season.

Pack up light

You’re not going to a prom, it’s a solo traveling! Pack light and have an even better experience of traveling alone! Just have a few underwear, two shirts and pants, your hygiene stuff, and some biscuit and chocolate (they’re so useful, whether for yourself or as a small thank you gift to those who help you during your trip).

Once when I was hosting a couple (friends of a friend) who stayed at my place from Belgium. When they were leaving, they gave me a few Belgian treats, as well as a Belgian postal card where they’ve written a few nice sentences about my family and I. It was so beautiful to us that we put it on our TV table! See? Small things matter!

Protect your identity

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a company, be mindful when connecting to a public WiFi. Do not log into your bank account or other important online accounts of yours! Public WiFi is a blessing, but you should use it wisely since hackers don’t have a horn and a tale to be recognizable!

Book solo-friendly places to stay

If you still insist to pay for your accommodation while traveling after getting to know Couchsurfing, consider booking solo-friendly accommodation. Book a homestay, hotel, hostel, or B&B that specifically mentions it’s good for solo travelers.

Be patient

After arriving at your destination, everything seems strange on the first day or two, especially since you’re alone. You might feel so lonely or lost, but it’s temporary! Don’t push yourself too hard to figure out everything at first sight! You’re there to have fun, not to stress out!

Don’t stand out

Try not to stand out while traveling alone. Don’t wear your fancy clothes or your expensive jewelry! No place is that safe in the world! (maybe except North Korea! lol!). If it’s possible, put your camera in your backpack if you feel unsafe at times!

Put on a smile

Smile and be open to others! Most people would like to help you have more fun during your solo trip! But be mindful as well!

Have a great book with you

It would be fun and wise to have a good book with you that makes you laugh while traveling. Reading a book helps not to feel bad and gives you a feeling of belonging unconsciously! Plus, you’ll probably find some cool spots that are perfect for reading a book, such as a bench at the top of a hill that you just hiked!

Be Curious

Don’t feel shy while traveling alone and ask questions from people. Sometimes a simple question turns to a great conversation and even sharing a meal or some other fun stuff!

Walk and take local transit

The best way to get familiar with a city is to walking around as much as possible and take local transit when you want to go somewhere. It helps a lot to see what locals are up to and you’re more likely to discover places that aren’t mentioned on the internet!

Stay sober

It’s OK to drink in the afternoon at your hotel (or anywhere else you’re residing) if your belongings are safe and you’re not likely to go out for the rest of the day, but during the daytime, be careful and don’t drink as much as getting drunk! It probably won’t end pleasantly!

Leave a note at your room

In the mornings, write a note, explaining where you are going, whom you are going with and when you expect to come back and leave it somewhere visible, like on your bed. It may be useful if God forbid, something happens.

Don’t say your full name

When talking to others, try not to tell them your surname! Only go with the first name, unless it’s someone you trust.

Connect with the hotel staff

Talk to the receptionists, bartenders, servers, and janitors of where you’re staying. They will look after you and sometimes give you free stuff and great recommendations.

Bring something back

Make sure you bring something back home with you that reminds you of your pleasant solo trip. Personally, I always buy a magnet of the cities I travel to and stick them on the fridge. It constantly reminds me of good times and helps to take my daily stress away by thinking about my good memories. Sometimes it’s hard to find those magnets in the city you’re traveling to, if that was the case, head to the souvenir shop at the airport when you’re coming back home. Even though it’s slightly expensive (normally not more than $10), they always have a good variety to choose from! However, most people prefer buying flags, whether it’s the country’s flag or the city’s flag that they travel to.

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