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Top 10 Reasons you Should Visit South Africa


Africa as a continent is the most beautiful, yet unexplored continent with tons of untouched countries. However, the title of the most famous African country probably goes to South Africa, a stunning country in the most southern part of Africa (how it inherited its name) where the adventure never stops!

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 reasons you should visit South Africa.

1- South African beaches

South African beaches would surprise you the most where white sand accompanies the cleanest bluest water possible, in the best weather yearly-round!

2- Capetown

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Some believe that Capetown is the best city to live in the world for several good reasons such as its perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, and tasty wines.

3- Food and Wine

South African cuisine is vastly influenced by European and Asian cuisines, going back to colonial times. It would be fair to say South African chefs are masters of barbecue and grilling, using different meats, such as Ostrich and in some cases even springbok and Kudu!

If not better, Wine in South Africa is just as good as its food with countless wineries throughout the country that have access to great weather and fertile soil.

4- Language

As a former British colony, South Africans speak English as their native language alongside 11 other national languages. Afrikaans is also widely spoken which has roots in Dutch. Afrikaans and Dutch speakers can easily understand each other after a little while!

Then if you speak either English or Dutch, you’d have no problem communicating with people in South Africa.

5- People

South African people are generally warm and hospital and aren’t shy to have a conversation with you! You’d pick up fantastic things to do and places to visit that fewer outsiders know about if you talk to the locals.

6- Historical Robben Island

Robben Island, a few minutes away from Capetown, is where Nelson Mandela was in prison for 18 years. There are a lot of tours at any time of the day to take you there and educate you about the historical facts and Nelson Mandela himself. It’s shocking when visiting the actual prison and listening to the things that had happened in it.

The bonus part is that your boat riding from Capetown to the Robben island has some beautiful scenes to offer!

7- South Africa’s nature

South Africa is not only rich in history but also its nature and wildlife. There are a lot of safari tours to the heart of nature, to visit animals and their daily life!

8- The Blue Train

Credits: bluetrain

The Blue train is one of the most luxurious trains in the world, having different routes alongside South Africa. You can enjoy having a full bathroom and a double bed while dining perfectly and watching nature at its best from your suite’s window!

9- South Africa fits your budget

whether you are looking for a good value backpacking trip or a luxury vacation for your honeymoon, South Africa is calling you!

The country’s currency, South African Rand, gives you a good exchange rate and since South Africa is a relatively cheap destination in general, you’d have more fun compared to your budget and expectation.

10- Transportation is easy and convenient in South Africa

Once you’re in South Africa, transporting between the cities is too easy, whether by car, thru its high-quality roads, or by train by its convenient railroad system, or by plane from one of its international airports to another one!

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