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Tonga – The only Pacific country that never been fully colonized


In this post, Tonga. We’ll learn about Tonga people, Tonga language, Tonga religion, Tonga map, and we’ll be checking if Tonga is a country or a city, if Tonga is safe to visit, what to do in Tonga while you are there, sightseeing places to visit in Tonga!

Introduction to Tonga

Oceania is a fascinating continent with beautiful Island countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. However, there are a lot of other Island countries that are yet to be known internationally such as Micronesia, where the world’s 8th wonder is, or the Marshall Islands, where the real Godzilla was born!

Tonga is an island country in Oceania that’s unknown, even to people in Oceania such as Australians. In this post we’ll discover this country, step by step.

Let’s start with a recent history of Tonga first!

Recent history of Tonga

Tonga under British Protection

Tonga is the only country in the Pacific that has never been annexed. However, Tonga was under British protection for a long time.

Tonga independence from British protection

Even though Tonga has never been fully colonized, it could gain its independence from British protection on 4 June 1970.

People in Tonga

Ethnic groups in Tonga

Almost all of Tonga’s 100,000 population are identified as Tongans, with their roots in Polynesia. There’s a small population of Chinese, Indian, and Europeans living in Tonga as well.

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Official language in Tonga

The official language in Tonga is English, as well as the Tongan language (Similar to Samoan).

Religion in Tonga

Tonga has no official religion. The Tongan government grants freedom of religion to all citizens.

However, more than 90% of the country identifies as Christian, including their late queen, Salote Tupou III who established the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga and declared it as the state’s religion.

What to do in Tonga

Tonga beach resorts and hotels in Tonga

Being an Oceanic island country, Tonga has a handful of resorts with private beaches and high-class hotels. One perk of having a beach vacation in Tonga is that the country is still not ruined by mass tourism, then you can relax at one of countless Tonga’s beaches, knowing that not a lot of other people have stepped on those warm white sands.

Royal Palace in Tonga

Tonga is a Monarchy. Tongan people love the Tongan Royal family and respect them, especially the late Queen, Salote Tupou III. Tongan Royal family have a few palaces to choose from and one of them is the Royal Palace, located in the northwest of Tonga’s capital, Nukuʻalofa

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Anahulu Cave in Togo

Anahulu Cave is a natural swimming pool in Togo where you can enjoy swimming in its natural crystal clear water. There are fun local tours for Anahulu Cave which you can book through your Tongan hotel reception.

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