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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sudan and South Sudan


In this post, we’ll talk about the newest country in the world, South Sudan and its northern neighbor, Sudan. We’ll learn about Sudan and South Sudan people, Sudan and South Sudan language, Sudan and South Sudan religion, Sudan and South Sudan map, and we’ll be checking if Sudan and South Sudan are a country or a city, if Sudan and South Sudan are safe to visit, what to do in Sudan and South Sudan while you are there, sightseeing places to visit in Sudan and South Sudan!


Our world is full of contrasts which is the main reason we drew lines between us, so-called borders. Borders are a way of protecting our culture, faith, and resources against the outside world!
The newest country in the world is South Sudan which separated itself from its northern neighbor, Sudan in 2011!

In this post we’ll check out the differences between them and the main reasons for Sudan and South Sudan separation!

Recent history of Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan’s independence from the United Kingdom

Before the separation, Sudan as a whole was a British colony for a few years until Sudan gained its independence from the UK on 19 December 1955. Following independence, the Sudanese government was born on 1 January 1956 which gave them authority over their country. It was only the start of a long civil war.

Sudan after independence from the United Kingdom

Soon after establishing the government, Sudan declared itself as an Arab country and started mixing Sharia laws within the country’s law which was suitable for North Sudanese people as they were mostly Arab, while South Sudanese people were like, “You gotta be kidding me!” since they were African, not Arab!

Sudan and South Sudan civil war

People in South Sudan picked up their guns and started a long civil war in Sudan against the central government for a few years until Sudan’s government granted the South Sudanese people autonomy over their region. However, this period didn’t last long and the central government started questioning the South’s government’s authority which led to another war.

South Sudan independence from Sudan

Finally, after years of civil war between Sudan and South Sudan, they agreed to hold a referendum for South Sudan’s independence to see what people would decide. Almost all of South Sudanese people said yes to independence and South Sudan officially gained its independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.

South Sudan, the youngest country in the world

South Sudan holds the title of the youngest country in the world. Right after independence, the President traveled to Israel to thank them for their support during South Sudan’s first independence war back in 1972 and the South Sudanese President was about to open their embassy in Jerusalem to pick up the title of the first embassy in Jerusalem but a civil war within South Sudan didn’t allow him and now, the US is the first country that opened an embassy in Jerusalem.

Sudan and South Sudan People’s differences

Sudan and South Sudan ethnic groups

Sudan’s people are mostly Arabs while South Sudanese people are of African descendants which is one of the main reasons they could never get along!

Official languages of Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan’s official language is Arabic while South Sudan chose English as its official language while more than 60 indigenous languages are being spoken within South Sudan’s borders.

Sudan and South Sudan’s religions

Sudanese people are mostly Muslim with a minority of Christians whereas most South Sudanese people are Christian with a minority of traditional African religions.

What to do in Sudan and South Sudan

Nubian pyramids in Sudan

Nubia in Sudan is home to more than 35 pyramids that belong to wealthy ancient kings and queens who could afford such a graveyard that would last until now, like Giza pyramids in Egypt.

Southern National Park in South Sudan

This South Sudanese national park was established in 1939 when Sudan was still under British rule! Southern National Park is home to different animals such as giraffes, lions, Colobus monkeys, and fishes like Tilapia, lungfish, and catfish.

Tuti Island in Sudan

Tuti Island is the place where the White Nile and the Blue Nile combine and create the famous Nile river. The island is inhabited as a small village. The Sudanese government wants to transfer Tuti Island into a tourist destination and build international resorts and hotels in Sudan but the villagers hope to keep their home as it is!

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