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The 10 Happiest cities in the world right now


Although the Coronavirus pandemic shocked the world and changed the norms of people’s daily life, some cities are still happier than others!

According to Worldhappiness‘s happiness report that was published in March 2020 (right when the pandemic was affecting everyone), the cities below are the 10 happiest cities in the world in 2020.

1- Helsinki, Finland

The capital of Finland is also known as the Sauna capital of the world. Helsinki’s residents take their sauna culture so seriously that some even have one in their home! With all of that effort people put for their happiness, Helsinki deserves to be the happiest city in the world!

2- Aarhus, Denmark

The world’s second happiest city is also Denmark’s second-largest city and right on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula. This city has always been hosting Denmark’s best artists. And what do artists do? They make people happy! (I just made that up!)

3- Wellington, New Zealand

Known as “the coolest little capital in the world”, New Zealand’s capital is moving towards success and happiness every day. The city is booming thanks to its growing film industry that also gave it the title of “Wellywood”.

4- Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland is the global center for banking and finance. Zurich is the city of balance with its history being protected in the “Old town” area while its future is being granted on the other side of the city!

5- Copenhagen, Denmark

Despite its brutal winters, the capital of Denmark is among the happiest cities in the world. Copenhagen attracts a lot of tourists each year who are interested to see the finest art in Europe.

6- Bergen, Norway

With all of those cute colorful wooden houses, fantastic views, and beautiful Norwegian fjords, why shouldn’t Bergen in Norway be one of the happiest cities in the world?

7- Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital of Norway, a country where people work 7.5 hours per day, take 5 weeks’ holiday time, and drive Tesla. are those enough or should I also talk about all those mind-blowing museums, green spaces, and futuristic buildings?

8- Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, the largest city in Israel is the Startup capital of the world. This city has the most amazing beaches you could find and the best nightlife you would have in the Middle East.

9- Stockholm, Sweden

By having Stockholm on the list of happiest cities in the world, we could officially say that the Scandinavia region is one of the best places one can live on the planet earth. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital is made up of 14 beautiful islands that are connected thru 55 gorgeous bridges. Walking along the city’s streets makes one feel like they’re looking at a beautiful painting all the time!

10- Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, capital of Queensland, is a large city on the Brisbane River. Brisbane residents enjoy beautiful getaways around the city, sunny weather year-round, and great universities.

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