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Texas or California, which one is better?


Texas vs. California, which one is better? Which one has a better economy? Which one has a lower tax? Texas or California, which one has a better weather?

The United States of America is home to many amazing states and sometimes it’s hard to choose which one is better for living.

In this article, we will compare two of the most popular states, Texas and California in weather, job market, living expenses and, education.


When the word “Texas” comes to mind, it equals desert and cowboys!

Let’s change those cliches by looking at these pictures!


Both states have mild winters.

Northern California gets more rain compared to the rest of the state, but even in the San Francisco area, winters are tolerable.

The same rule applies to Northern Texas. City of Amarillo experiences lower temperatures during winters than other parts of Texas.


Everyone agrees that both states have pretty hot summers which could be a little hard to live without an Air conditioner in many parts.

This rule doesn’t apply to San Diego in Southern California, as well as Houston in Southern Texas.

San Diego has the best weather among all of America’s cities. It has a mild lovely temperature year-round.

Summer also means beach time!

A beach in California

Living expenses

These states are too big to have the same living price everywhere but Taxwise, Texas is much better.

You pay about %7 in Texas while it’s about %13 in California.

That’s a huge difference for having the same standard of living and more surprisingly, Although California’s economy is bigger, Texas’s economy is stronger, thanks to its oil reserves.

In the 2008-2009 worldwide economic crisis, Texas was the only state in the US that had growth in its GDP!

California’s most expensive city is San Francisco. The prices are too much that makes it impossible for a lot of people to buy a house and forces them to move to nearby cities like Oakland that has a very high crime rate (Four times more than the national average).

Texas’s most expensive city title goes to Austin, but when comparing it with San Francisco, this city is way too affordable! Housing prices are more than %50 cheaper in Austin as well as grocery which is more than %20 cheaper.


California and Texas are home to great universities like Stanford University in Stanford, CA or The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX.

California has slightly more diversity than Texas. This state ranks NO. 1 out of all the states while Texas is the second one.

On the other hand, Texas is slightly less racist than California (Unlike what everyone thinks).

Do you have any experience in one of these states? got any questions?
Leave them in the comment below.

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