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Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Turkey


Are you interested in knowing the top 10 Reasons to Retire in Turkey? Look no further than Turkey if you’re seeking for the classic Mediterranean lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

Today, we’ll go over some of the main reasons why you might consider retiring to Turkey. But first, let’s talk about the relevance of location in your retirement planning, and then we’ll look at the connections and benefits Turkey provides in these areas.

It’s no secret that where you live has an impact on how you live, and this is especially true in retirement.

While your “where to live” decisions in the past were most likely based on work prospects, family friendliness, or educational and social needs, this isn’t always the case when you’re retired. With fewer limitations, choosing a place to live in retirement allows you to select a location that truly inspires you on a personal, physical, and emotional level.

Interested in knowing the top 10 reasons to retire in Turkey? Don’t miss this post, then.


1- Cost of Living

Because of the favourable exchange rate between the US dollar and the Turkish lira, it is simple to retire here on Social Security. For $250 a month, you can rent a furnished one-bedroom apartment in the heart of a seaside town with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. If you increase your monthly budget to $500, you’ll be able to rent a three-bedroom home that covers most utilities.

When dining out, a substantial supper of shish kebabs with rice, veggies, and fries costs around $6. A variety of freshly cooked mezes, or appetisers, may easily make a dinner while introducing you to a variety of new cuisines for less than $2 apiece. As part of the engrained Turkish hospitality, meals are frequently accompanied with additional dishes such as olives, bread, and typical Mediterranean dips.

A few bucks can be spent on a daily trip to the vegetable shop or one of the many farmers’ markets. A litre of earthy green extra virgin olive oil costs around $3, whereas a dozen fresh free-range eggs costs less than $2. Regional transportation is low, with flights to Europe frequently costing less than $40 and hour-long bus excursions costing $5, making exploration affordable. A complete spa treatment costs around $30, including tip, and includes a one-hour deep-tissue massage and the entire spa “hammam” experience, which includes a foamy wash and exfoliation. A professional haircut costs around $5 and includes a relaxing head massage.

Turkey is for sure one of the countries where the U.S. Dollar Goes Furthest.

2- Climate

Turkey has a pleasant climate. It’s a year-round resort, with scorching summers and pleasant winters along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas’ coasts.

Turkey’s western and southern coastal towns have a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with temperatures averaging 48 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The climate of Istanbul and the coast along the Sea of Marmara is mild, with temperatures averaging 39 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The heartland of Turkey has cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers, with nighttime temperatures being slightly cooler.

3- Ease of Residency

Unlike other European nations, Turkey provides a simple, cost-effective, and quick residence and citizenship process.

Actually, there are a variety of methods to obtain full citizenship in a matter of months by investing in a business or real estate.

Because Turkey does not offer a visa expressly for retirees, you must instead apply for a residency permit. Anyone planning to stay in the nation for longer than three months must meet this condition. You must first apply for a short-term residency permit, which must be done within one month of your arrival in Turkey. On the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s website, you may fill out an online application. When you’re done, it’ll ask you to schedule an appointment with the local DGMM office to complete the procedure and pay the visa cost. The duration of a short-term resident permit is two years. After eight years of continuous residency in Turkey on a short-term visa, you can apply for a long-term resident permit, which lasts indefinitely.

Whatever type of residency permit you apply for, you will almost certainly be required to produce proof of sufficient assets. Whether or not you have dependents affects this, although a single individual is normally expected to have the equivalent of a month’s Turkish minimum salary. (That would be roughly $400 in 2022.)

Ease of residency is for sure one of the Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Turkey.


4- Turkey is Close to Most Popular Destinations

Turkey, and in particular, Istanbul is very well connected to the rest of the world. With the country’s famous airline, Turkish Airlines which flies to more than 3oo destinations around the world, Turkey most definitely is connected to the most important destinations on all continents. Many long flights have layovers in Istanbul.

So, whether you would like to visit your friends and family back home, or would like to fly somewhere unique for the weekend, you are most likely one flight away.

5- Turkey Has Community Spirit

When it comes to community, Turkey is quite active. There are generally a plethora of activities and amenities planned exclusively for elderly citizens. Sewing, needlework, cultural art, cultural board games, and music workshops are common examples of courses designed to accomplish more than just keep you occupied. The government meticulously planned and structured these events in order to improve your overall quality of life. It’s a deliberate, holistic strategy that helps you live a better and happier life by bringing people together, regardless of age or background, to build connections and that vital community spirit.

Turks are really neighbor friendly, and they enjoy dropping by with platters of food or seasonal fruit to see how you’re doing. They pay visits to ailing neighbors, assist new moms, and feel free to ask for a missing item in the kitchen. There is always a sense of community and neighborhood events. Even in cities, they will make time to say hello and will know everything there is to know about you.

6- Natural Beauty

Turkey certainly competes with any nation in terms of natural beauty, with acres of untouched, luscious green mountains and valleys, as well as kilometres of beautiful shoreline. Throughout the nation, the varied geography and towering plateaus create breathtaking and distinctive viewpoints.

Turkey is surrounded by four seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black, and Marmara Seas, as well as mountain ranges that run parallel to the country’s 5,000-mile shoreline. The colour contrasts between the crystal clear turquoise, jade, and sapphire-infused sea, the forested emerald green valleys and mountains, and the stark white cliffs are breathtaking. Silvery-green olive groves, ruby red pomegranate bushes, fields of lemon and orange trees, and carpets of sun-bronzed tomatoes provide a splash of colour to the abundant greenery.


7- Cuisine

Turkish food entices with its diverse flavours while also embodying the finest of the Mediterranean diet, which is renowned for its health advantages. Grilled meats and seafood, a profusion of vegetables, a variety of yogurt-based meals, an assortment of health-promoting and tasty herbs and spices, dried fruits and nuts, and extra virgin olive oil are all staples of the cuisine.

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8- There Are Plenty Of Family-Friendly Parks & Beaches In Turkey

The beaches of Turkey’s Mediterranean and Black Seas are well-known for their beauty.

Turkey undoubtedly rivals any nation in terms of natural beauty, with acres of green mountains and valleys throughout the country providing breathtaking and unique vistas, as well as kilometres of pristine coastline.

On top of that, there are numerous lovely green parks to stroll around in the morning and evening. The Turks adore family picnics and afternoon teas in the park. I was blown away by how many youngsters were enjoying the outdoors, letting off steam, and being creative with skates, bikes, and skateboards, or simply sitting out in their own small circles conversing.

In all of its public parks, the government has tried a little bit of everything. Beautiful and well-kept green area for sitting, open and covered picnic seats, and a variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants are constantly available. There are also children’s play spaces, restrooms and washrooms, biking and walking paths, workout equipment, and a cafe and a Mosque are always near by.

9- History and Architecture

Due to its many historical, architectural, and archaeological treasures, including several UNESCO world heritage sites, Turkey is also known as the world’s biggest museum.

The great Blue Mosque, called for its blue tiles within; Hagia Sofia; and Topkapi Palace, the stately palace of sultans who reigned during the Ottoman Empire, equipped with a harem, are just a few of Istanbul’s architectural masterpieces.

It isn’t entirely Islamic history, though. You can also follow in the footsteps of legendary and historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, and even St. Nicholas (aka Santa Claus).

Turkey is brimming with stunning architecture, art, and a diverse range of civilizations dating back thousands of years. It is home to relics from cultures such as the Hittites, Ancient Greeks, early Christians, Mongols, and the Ottoman Empire, all of which contribute to the country’s rich history. Ephesus boasts some of the best-preserved Greek and Roman remains; Troy, the purported location of the Trojan Wars; and Cappadocia, with its famous underground city.


10- Turkish Culture Is Valued Like Gold

Visitors may discover a unique combination of Western and Eastern influences and culture because it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The level of respect and care that Turks show their parents and the elderly in general is something that everyone admires.

They kiss their hand and rest their forehead on the spot where they kissed, demonstrating their deep regard for their parents. Parents and older adults are respected and listened to with great admiration.

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