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Is Nicaragua safer than United States?!


Is Nicaragua an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Nicaragua? Where is Nicaragua’s capital? What is the tourism in Nicaragua like? Where is Nicaragua on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Nicaragua? Where is Nicaragua? Is Nicaragua a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Nicaragua? What to do in Nicaragua? What is the history of Nicaragua?


We live in a world of Cliches, our thoughts are based on stereotypes. Not that they’re all wrong but not a source to rely on! For example, what do you picture when you hear the word “Africa”? It’s not a nice picture for sure, but did you know that this continent is nothing like the cliches about it?
Let’s flip the card for our next destination, Nicaragua.

As a tradition, we’ll start with recent history!

Recent history of Nicaragua

Like most other Latin American fellows, Nicaragua was colonized by Spain in recent history and gained its independence on September 15, 1821, and about 80 years later the United States stopped by for a while and left in 1933. A few years later, a civil war started in the country that forced people to flee their beloved Nicaragua, and finally, in 1990, the situation became normal again.
The years of instability resulted in a broken economy! Now, Nicaragua is Latin America’s second poorest country after Haiti, but they are trying to get back on the road with long term plans.

People in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan demographic is made up of Mestizos and whites with a minority of blacks and indigenous people.

They all speak Spanish as the official language but there are seven other national languages as well.

People are hospitable, but children shouldn’t understand Spanish when traveling to Nicaragua since they use the curse words a lot (Joking! Or am I?!)

What to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is safer than the United States!

Nicaragua is not your next Maldives but it’s not a wild jungle either! In fact, Nicaragua is considered safer than the US in the Global peace index.

Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has access to both the Caribbeans and the Pacific Ocean which means countless gorgeous beaches! There are a lot of resorts and hotels in Nicaragua’s Caribbeans islands to choose from for your next Latin relaxation!

El Ojo de Agua (Waterhole) in Nicaragua

This area has two natural swimming pools that are constantly getting filled with crystal water from the underground river that’s near it!

Credits: ometepenicaragua

Christ of the Mercy statue in Nicaragua

Yes, Brazil isn’t the only one having it! Jesus Christ’s statue in Nicaragua is about 134 meters and it looks cooler than the Brazilian one!

Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a lot of Volcanoes with two of them still being (Sort of) active! Masaya Volcano often degases but in two events in the last 50 years, it exploded mildly which only damaged a car on the touristic side in one of them!

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