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Top 10 Most Underrated Cities in Africa


Looking for the top 10 most underrated cities in Africa?

Tourists and residents in stunning and well-known cities tend to have the opinion that the only locations worth living in or visiting are those with larger map dots. Instagram is flooded with images of tourists climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town, wandering through Chefchaouen, Morocco, or posing in front of the Giza Pyramids, but the African continent is enormous, and there are countless other experiences you can have in addition to just these few touristy towns. Africa, a continent with such a wide variety of cultures and landscapes, is home to several cities that potential travellers should keep in mind.

Because they are overshadowed by more well-known cities, many African cities are underappreciated. In this post, we will discover the top 10 most underrated cities in Africa.


1- Luxor, Egypt

When many just want to visit the pyramids while in Egypt, others with a little more time may find up-river Luxor to be much more alluring. Luxor, which is situated right over the Nile from the Valley of the Kings, continues to draw a sizable number of visitors each year, however, those travelling from Giza may find it to be almost deserted.

Hotels, museums, and homes may be found on the east bank of the Nile, where the sun rises, just as in other ancient Egyptian towns that span the river. Even though there are now sporadic conveniences and a tourist hub, the west bank, where the sun sets, is still mostly designated for the Pharaohs’ graves.

Excavations at 63 of the tombs—including the most well-known one, that of King Tutankhamun—led to the area’s designation as a World Heritage site. The myth of “the curse of the pharaohs,” which was claimed to follow those who took part in the disruption of the demolition of Egyptian tombs, was also spread as a result of this. The curse and its numerous versions continue to be prevalent in popular culture today, despite being mostly superstitious humour.


2- Kigali, Rwanda

Because of its distinctive ecology, Rwanda is one of the few remaining locations to encounter mountain gorillas, drawing many visitors to its capital, Kigali. But if you’re only passing through, plan aside a few days to explore this immaculately kept and lush gem of a city, which has emerged from the horror of the Tutsi massacre in 1994 and has a memorial for it in the middle of the city.


Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa and also has good and plentiful shopping opportunities, notably in the Nyamirambo district where you’ll discover a very diverse selection of stores, cafés, and restaurants. Although it is largely a Muslim area, it is not at all cut off from the rest of the city; even if the majority of the cuisine is halal, there are still a few bars nearby if you’d like a sundowner. You may also trek from Nyamirambo to the summit of Mount Kigali for a stunning view of the setting sun. The ascent is not very difficult and is doable by many people.


The Inema Art Center is a must-visit for anybody searching for a less strenuous method to learn about Kigali’s culture. Inema is much more than simply a place to display artwork; it also accommodates artists in residence and manages arts initiatives that benefit the neighbourhood. One of these “creativity programmes” educates Rwandan women in the skill of handcrafting and creating works of art. The women who take part in this initiative, known as Inzia Crafts, work on beading, leatherwork, and other handicrafts.


3- Malindi, Kenya

When it comes to a perfect vacation, sandy beaches and luxurious resorts are a must, and this is what makes Malindi one of the most well-liked vacation spots in Kenya. Malindi is one of Kenya’s lovely seaside towns. It has a rich history and a number of interesting cultural and historic sites that may be explored or revisited. The town’s numerous beaches make it the ideal location for a romantic trip or family weekend away. Due to its varied terrain, Malindi offers a broad range of fascinating activities. It is a true paradise with quiet beauty and untouched surroundings.

Stay at some of the most beautiful and opulent resorts and hotels in Malindi if you are planning a trip there soon. The resorts and hotels provide a variety of amenities, including fashionable bars and restaurants for excellent dining, tranquil swimming pools, fascinating spas for stimulating therapy, and total luxury. On your next vacation, you may always unwind and enjoy at one of Malindi’s retreats.

One of the best all-inclusive resorts in Malindi is Diamonds Dream of Africa. The unique architecture of the Indo-Arabic structures enchants you with its allure or “bembeleza” in Swahili. Moreover, it has the best reviews out of all the best hotels in Malindi on Trip Advisor.

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4- Livingstone, Zambia

a stunning tourist destination in Zambia’s south, north of the Zambezi River. Livingstone is renowned for having an excellent rail and road network that connects it to the other provinces of Zambia. The Victoria Falls, Zambezi Canoe Trip, Mosi-oa-Tunya, National Park, Elephant Safari, and Livingstone Game Park/Museum are just a few of the city’s well-known attractions. Victoria Falls provides visitors with a stunning panoramic perspective from which they may observe the remaining animals and the raging water. The finest white water rafting experience in the world, so the saying goes A conservative area dotted with antelopes, warthogs, buffalos, hippos, elephants, monkeys, and many spectacular birds, the Mosi-oa-Tunya parks are located near the Victoria Falls.

The 3–4 hour Zambezi Sunset cruise, which delivers an incredible experience, is a must-do during a visit to Livingstone.

The best 3-4 hour long tour for wildlife viewing in Livingstone is done by African Safari Experience. They will make sure you have your private time, absorbing nature while engaging with you, informing about the animals at the same time.

5- Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana


As well as being referred to as the Twin City, the two towns of Sekondi and Takoradi are a sanctuary for some of Ghana’s oldest cultural traditions. With its ancient fortress and cultural artifacts, the city offers a stunning coastal line with several beaches. Business opportunities are made possible by the oil that is present nearby. Because of the town’s colonial history, it is still known as the European Zone (railway station). Natural resources abound in the Western Region, as do several tourist attractions and amenities, including the Whin River and Lagoon, the Sports Club, and Paradise Beach, which is sandy.


The Kundum Festival is only one of numerous events and activities that are planned for this city. During this event, every visitor will long to be in this location.

The Sekondi Historic District, Railway Museum, Regional Museum, and Takoradi Fort Orange are more tourist attractions that are well seen. The Nzulezo and Kojokuma, two unique settlements that were constructed on lakes, are a sight to behold.

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6- Rabat, Morocco

The capital of Morocco, Rabat, is located on the Bou Regreg River on the Atlantic Coast. The majority of the nation’s top tourist attractions are located in Rabat. The well-known Royal Palace, Mohamed V University, Moroccan arts, museums, and other sites are all accessible to tourists. Morocco’s best archaeological collections are located at Rabat. Temara and the Kasbah district are popular tourist destinations with their scenic coastlines and relaxing beaches.

The city of Rabat boasts lovely neighbourhoods, imposing walls, terraces, and beach sides that offer top-notch sights at numerous tourist destinations. The Medina region Salé, Abul Hassan Medersa, the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Ashir, Oudaias Chellah, The Mellah (Jewish Quarter), Mamora Forest, and Kenitra are just a few other vibrant tourist destinations.

7- Banjul, Gambia

Previously known as Saint Mary’s, Banjul is a seaside community near to the Atlantic Ocean. a stunning city with lots of tourist attractions that is situated on a peninsula. The capital city of Banjul serves as the hub for all industrial and economic activity. Different areas of the city, including Kombo North, Bakau, Cape Point, Fajara, Kololi, and Kotu, are home to vacation resorts. They all provide various services, ranging from excursions to boat outings. Two famous regions featuring cutting-edge restaurants, hotels, and pubs are Kololi and Senegambia. You can be sure that you will have fun there. African art and craft of every type may be found at Bakau.

A unique location is the Tani village and bird reserve. This village and bird reserve is a unique location where you may go on a safari and a mangrove tour. There are several parks and wildlife reserves where visitors may have a blast.


8- Ouagadougou, Bukinafaso 

Burkina Online

In Burkina Faso’s heart sits the city of Ouagadougou. It’s one of West Africa’s most stunning towns and an excellent location for exploring unique tourist attractions. This city has a road connection to Niamey and a train connection to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on the Atlantic Ocean. Burkina Faso’s business and political hub is there.

Game reserve (Reserve de nazinga), Cour royal, Mossi-mosque, Laogo Gallery of Rocks, BAuzoule Sacred Crocodile, National Museum, and Schlingensief Opera hamlet are a few of this city’s tourist attractions. And the Faspaco biannual event is a must-see.

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9- Libreville, Gabon

The transfer and export of money are well recognized in Libreville, the capital and port of Gabon. Inland and coastal areas of Libreville are noted for their tourist attractions. The magnificent Palais Presidential, a wonder of architecture, is located on its coastline. A floral park notable for illuminating Gabonese culture is the Ministry of Forestry and Environment. With its cutting-edge small parks, sculptures, and chairs located on the coastal bay, Sibang Arboretum offers all visitors a first-rate seaside experience. The Arboretum de Sibang is a protected rainforest park with several tree species, as well as the Boulevard Triumphal and French Cultural Centre.


Along with tourism, the natural resources of Gabon are also well-known, including crude oil. A visit to Libreville will be worthwhile.


10- Durban, South Africa

Durban is regarded as the “warm city” and gets mild weather all year long, although much of South Africa will succumb to winter. You may locate the ideal beach for any activity along the renowned Golden Mile beach and promenade, which are far less crowded than their Cape Town equivalents.

North Beach, noted for its tranquil seas, is fantastic for families. Along the boardwalk, you’ll discover a range of beachside dining options that are great for swimming and building sandcastles. Try Addington Beach, where locals go surfing if you’re seeking for a wave. But Treasure Beach is the place to go if you want to go diving. This beach, known as Bluff, is tucked away in a south Durban area and is regarded as being the ideal location for aquatic sports. Visitors that go out during low tide will be able to see a wide variety of marine life, such as butterflyfish and nudibranchs. The Wildlife and Environmental Society offers instructional programs that include public tours if you’re not familiar with recognizing marine species.

Would you like to add another city to this list of the top most underrated cities in Africa? Let us know in the comment section below.

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