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Jordan, the peaceful land of the Middle East


Is Jordan an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Jordan? Where is Jordan’s capital? What is the tourism in Jordan like? Where is Jordan on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Jordan? Where is Jordan? Is Jordan a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Jordan? What to do in Jordan? What is the history of Jordan?


The Middle East is both the richest and the most complex region in the world where a lot of countries and world powers are taking sides and fighting over oil. There are land claims, religion-related problems, and internal issues all over the place except for the tiny nation of Jordan!

Jordan is the most peaceful country in the Middle East and has a lot of interesting facts which we’ll describe in this post.

Recent History of Jordan

In recent history, Jordan was colonized by the UK which wasn’t as bad as it sounds! Then Britain recognized Jordan as a sovereign state on April 11, 1921, and partially helped them for the next 20 years!
After their neighbors’ conflict, tons and tons of Palestinians took refuge in Jordan which is estimated at about 3 million people today. Jordan was like, “Yeah, come in! You are welcome!” and even showed them the Jordanian hospitality by getting married to them and accepting them in their society.
Then while Jordan remained as a loyal friend with the Arab League, it signed a peace agreement with Israel which happened On 26 October 1994, famous as the “Israel–Jordan peace treaty” which officially made Jordan the most peaceful nation in the Middle East.
Even after the Syrian civil war, more than a million Syrian refugees fled to Jordan which was exactly like what happened with their previous guests!

People in Jordan

Jordan has about 10 million residents, whereas more than %30 are the refugees, not Jordanians!
The demographics are %98 Arab with a minority of Chechen and Armenian community!
As mentioned above, Jordanians are welcoming and peaceful.

What to do in Jordan

Jordanians love tourists for two main reasons! First, because they are generally hospitable, as more than %35 of the population is made up of foreigners (mostly refugees from neighboring countries) and second, because of its revenue! Jordan is one of the Middle Eastern countries with no oil income. The economy is depended on other resources such as Tourism.

Petra in Jordan

This ancient city was built around 200 BC but there are some shreds of evidence of human existence in that area since 7000 BC! It has then been added to the Roman Empire.

Wadi Rum in Jordan

This area is one of the most magical ones on our planet! It’s made up of deserts and mountains and its surface looks exactly like the surface of Mars. Wadi Rum is perfect for climbing, camping to see the stars at night, and to see the early human carving on the stones.

A handful of Hollywood movies had been recorded in Wadi Rum, Jordan such as “Laurence of Arabia” by David Lean and “Martian” by Ridley Scott.

Amman Citadel in Jordan

Amman was one of the important cities during the Roman Empire and now it’s home to countless gorgeous Roman sites in it such as Amman Citadel, in downtown Amman (Jordan’s capital).

Dead sea in Jordan

The dead sea is a magical sea where you’d float on and will never drown in because of its saturated water. This sea is shared between Jordan and Israel. On the Jordanian side, there are a few international resorts to enjoy.

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