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Albania – Europe’s Muslim country explained


In this post we’ll talk about Albania’s religion, Albania’s capital Tirana, the tourism in Albania and the beaches there, and Albania’s map.

Europe is known by Christianity (mostly Catholicism) but there’s one nation in the Balkans which has a majority of Muslims in it. Interesting, right?

(There’s also two other European Muslim countries called North Macedonia and Kosovo which is partially recognized)

Albania is home to more than 3 million people with about %70 of them being Muslim.

A mosque in Albania

That’s not the only fact about this unique country though!

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Recent History of Albania

It was a part of the Ottoman empire until they abandoned them and were like, “OK Albania, you’re on your own now!” and after a while of trying to recover themselves, the Soviet Union attacked and added them to their area.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, all of the former states left communist ideology except for Albania. They had the title of “Europe’s North Korea” as people were isolated and monitored. They had no friends except for China which left them in the middle of the way.

They remained a communist country until December 1990. After that, they transformed and opened up to the whole world. now they have 44 embassies worldwide.

People in Albania

There are more Albanians outside of their country compared to inside Albania itself. It is known as “Albanian diaspora”. More than 6 million live in Turkey and the rest in other Western countries such as Italy, Greece, and Germany.

Their language, Albanian is weird as it’s not similar to any other European language, yet it is truly a European dialect.

People inside Albania are welcoming and they have a good understanding of English.

Although they are Muslim, they mostly dress like other Europeans.

What to do in Albania

This nation has not been ruined by mass tourism yet.

The country is fairly cheap to explore and there are several good reasons to visit it there.


They have stunning beaches in Ksamil. You can read more about it by clicking HERE.

Albanian Cuisine

Their breakfasts are great. they have a special kind of donut that’s shaped like meatball. You should feel it with feta cheese and a drizzle of honey on top.

Their cafes are always full of locals, eating and talking. They are not shy at all, so, expect to have a lot of dialogues while sitting at your table!

Albania’s Dreamy Towns

Albania is home to beautiful towns, everywhere around the country.

Berat, Albania

Berat, in particular is so beautiful that it became a UNESCO heritage site.

The capital, Tirana has beautiful new buildings in it to enjoy as well.

Albanian Roads

Driving is a pleasure in Albania as the roads are so beautiful and you get the chance to visit a lot of villages.

Albanian Bunkers

Albania’s former dictator, Enver Hoxha was so scared of possible attacks to Albania that ordered more than 173,000 bunkers to be built around the country. His paranoia is a tourist attraction now!

You can see those bunkers everywhere! If you visit the country, start a game of counting them, it’s similar to counting sheep, never ends!

Albania’s capital, Tirana

Their Capital, Tirana is pushing itself to go forward and get as modern as possible.

You’ll see some brave buildings as you walk around in the city.

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