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Chile, The narrowest country in the world Explained


Is Chile a country? Is Chile an English speaking country? Why is Chile the narrowest country in the world? What is Chile map like? Where is Chile capital? Is Santiago in Chile? Is Chile a democracy? Is Chile a rich country? Read the post below to find out!

Every country is unique in some ways, sometimes it’s the culture, having two capitals or three presidents and even surprisingly beautiful.

Chile is unique in its geographical shape. It is officially the narrowest country in the world!

I think it looks like a Pianist lady with high heels!

Check it out for yourself on the map below.

Recent History of Chile

The shortest recap of Chile’s history is full of coup d’états!

It was colonized by Spain. At the time they arrived, only indigenous Chileans were living there but the Spanish invasion changed this demography very fast.

The country became fully independent in September 1810 and ever since the situation looked like a roller coaster of events and coup d’états! They were always dealing with a lack of freedom until a few years ago that thankfully their government’s style changed which granted more freedom.

People in Chile

About %50 of Chileans are of European descendants while the rest are mostly Mestizos (Mixed of European-Indigenous) and very few are still indigenous.

In recent years a lot of new immigrants arrived in the country, looking for the new “Chilean dream”. They are from Chile neighbors like Bolivia and Peru. Dominicans make a small minority as well.

Chileans are not racist and as the result, tons of mixed families are popping up.

Chilean have Latin America’s only state that is included in the US visa waiver’s program because of their close alliance with them.

What to do in Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile

The capital is an interesting, diverse city that plays a major role in the country’s GDP.

The city’s skyline is beautiful and when you walk in the older neighborhoods, it has a pleasant old Europe’s vibe.

Gran Torre Santiago in Chile

This blue Skyscraper is the second tallest building in Latin America. You can see it from anywhere in Santiago.

Ahu Tongariki in Chile

Located in Easter Island, Valparaíso, these mysterious monuments are remaining of the old civilization of Rapa Nui people.

Anakena in Chile

This beautiful beach is on the same island as Abu Tongariki. The beach is gorgeous and perfect for relaxing after getting amused by those monuments.

Chiloé Island in Chile

This island is the biggest off coast island of Chile, hosing a lot of tourists every year.

Cordillera del Paine in Chile

About 1,960 km south of Santiago, these groups of mountains are in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Valle de la Luna in Chile

Also known as “Valley of the moon“, the stones and sands have been formed by water and wind within a long period in this desert, giving it a similar surface like the moon.

Cajon del Maipo in Chile

If you are a camping lover, Chile is your heaven (After Canada) especially the beautiful valley of Cajon del Maipo where Maipo River narrowed up and carved a stunning valley, making it ideal for camping.

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