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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Burundi


What language do people speak in Burundi? Is Burundi safe to travel? Why is Burundi so poor? Where is Burundi’s capital? What is the recent history of Burundi? Is Burundi a cheap country to travel? What is Burundi map like? Let’s see the answers in the post below!

Burundi is Africa’s second-smallest nation, as well as one of the poorest countries in the world!

countries like Burundi usually don’t have a chance to be known widely even if they have a lot of perks to offer!
In this post, we’ll have an idea of what this country is all about!

Recent History of Burundi

Burundi was colonized by Belgium for a while and eventually became independent in 1959.

After independence, they couldn’t agree on a united government and had a civil war that lasted for a few years.

Now the situation is better and they have a continuous peace so far.

For more information, you can click on this book’s cover to read about Burundi’s full history.

People in Burundi

They have three main tribes, About 85% are Hutu, 15% are Tutsi and less than 1% are Twa.

The reality is that they aren’t different tribes, it’s their wealth that makes them either Hutu (The workers) or Tutsi (The rich ones), just like in Brazil where if you become rich, people see you as a white person, even if you’re not!

Most people are polyglot, able to speak Kirundi, French, English, and Swahili, Impressive, right?

What to do in Burundi

Burundi is the cheapest country in the world

Because of the poverty and weak economy, other currencies are way too worthy compared to Burundian Franc. If you want to exchange your money, do it in the market, not the banks because the rate in the market is almost double.

It’s good to have a vacation where your money gets spent on innocent children who need it the most, a win-win situation!

You can also support Burundi’s helpless women farmers who grow coffee. A share of these coffees profit goes to those women who are trying to stand on their own feet.

Lake Tanganyika in Burundi

Although Burundi is landlocked, this lake made a beautiful beach for it. There are a few hotels to choose from and relax while helping this poor country’s economy.

Landscapes in Burundi

This country has beautiful landscapes. you can Parachute and have fun, looking at them.

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