Top 10 Best Cities in Africa for Expats

Looking for the top 10 best cities in Africa for expats? If you are considering relocating overseas and want to experience a different culture, Africa is calling your name. Since every nation on this continent has an own culture and scenery, each place has something unique to offer in terms of lifestyle. Every location has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to weigh your alternatives before deciding which is ideal for you. Access to healthcare, education, the environment, crime rates, the cost of living, amenities, and the general lifestyle on offer are some of the things people take into account when choosing where to live in Africa. The following list of the 10 finest locations to live in Africa is based on a mix of these elements.

InterNations release a list of best cities to live in for expats every year and their 2021 list includes the first three cities in our list. They consider factors such as Quality of Urban Living, Getting Settled, Urban Work Life, Finance, and Housing. Let’s see which cities are the top 10 best cities in Africa for expats.


1- Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most well-liked locations in Africa for expats is Cape Town. This vibrant city offers a variety of great nightlife spots, adorable caf├ęs, amazing beaches, and an outstanding food scene, so there is something for everyone.

Additionally, there are many distinct neighbourhoods to pick from in Cape Town, one of the biggest cities in Africa. Since some neighbourhoods of Cape Town may be rather hazardous, expats should take their time with this.

The best and safest suburbs in Cape Town, where many affluent foreigners reside, include Camps Bay and Clifton. Looking for a little something more central? Explore the storied and diverse Bo-Kaap neighbourhood.

2- Cairo, Egypt

The fact that Cairo is home to a variety of foreign eateries, stores, and schools would suit expats who wish to relocate to Africa without having to drastically change their way of life.

The city is also incredibly inexpensive to live in, making it perfect for anybody looking to relocate overseas on a tight budget. Additionally, history buffs will almost be in ecstasy in this location. The Giza pyramids are only a short ride away, and there are several Egyptian museums to explore.

But before you relocate to Cairo, be careful to explore the various neighbourhoods because there are significant variances in terms of living conditions. While some neighbourhoods feature stunning architecture, big mosques and cathedrals, and lush parks, others just have dilapidated structures.


3- Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, sometimes referred to as Jozi, Egoli (city of gold), and Joburg, is the largest metropolis in South Africa and in all of Africa.

Johannesburg is the hub of trade and logistics in Africa, making it ideal for expats searching for a variety of career options. There are various disciplines and industries to choose from because this dynamic metropolis serves as the bulk of South African and foreign companies’ African headquarters.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of crime in various parts of Johannesburg, so be cautious to investigate the region before relocating. Gated communities are increasingly prevalent in most suburbs, giving inhabitants additional security as a result of efforts to reduce rising crime rates.

4- Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is ranked among the best cities to live in Africa by local experts. The previous ten years have seen a dramatic transformation of this city, and as a result, it now offers many appealing qualities that make it an attractive location to reside. Public transportation, local infrastructure, and economic liberalism have all benefited from its metamorphosis. Nairobi is also one of Africa’s most important political and financial hubs. This city is perfect for individuals who prefer an active outdoor lifestyle because it is surrounded by gorgeous scenery.


5- Port Louis, Mauritius


Port Louis is quite well-liked by tourists, largely because of its tropical temperature and breathtaking scenery. Roman Catholic and Anglican cathedrals in the city each have lovely exteriors.

But this city is more than simply a popular destination for tourists.

Port Louis, which has the largest port facility in the Indian Ocean, is one of the key financial hubs in Africa in terms of employment. In reality, the port is one of the major drivers of the city’s economy, with significant contributions also coming from tourism, industry, and financial services.

The libraries, schools, and research facilities in Port Louis are open to expats who need them for business or school.

6- Windhoek, Namibia

Despite being the capital of Namibia, Windhoek retains a small-town feel. Brightly coloured classic German homes give the area a lot of flairs. It is secure, modern, and one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

The financial, tourism, and transportation sectors are often where foreigners searching for work in Windhoek will find the majority of openings. The city serves as a hub for retail businesses and is where Namibia’s national university is located.

Due to its stable, democratically elected government, Namibia has far lower levels of political and racial strife than many other African nations. Because of this, Windhoek is safer than many other African capitals, and prejudice against foreign inhabitants as well as violent crime are relatively uncommon.


7- Gaborone, Botswana

For people making their first move to Africa, Gaborone is a popular choice due to its political stability and thriving economy. The fact that it is a relatively tranquil city to live in is another tempting quality. The city’s two main industries are the export of cattle to Europe and diamonds. The expansion of sports and leisure facilities in the city has contributed to the city’s burgeoning tourist industry.

8- Lagos, Nigeria

Best Cities in Africa for Expats

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest metropolis, is rich in culture and history. Lagos is home to many fascinating sights and beautiful buildings. Although Lagos is not Nigeria’s capital, it is the country’s economic hub. Lagos is a wonderful choice if you intend to work after relocating to Africa because it is home to many renowned corporations and some of the best educational institutions. Excellent amenities may be found all across the city.


9- Casablanca, Morocco

Best Cities in Africa for Expats

Casablanca is not only the largest city in Morocco, but it is also the largest city with an Atlantic port. It is the largest financial hub in Africa and has a significant impact on global trade. While there are several international educational institutions where English is spoken, the majority of the schools speak Arabic or French. There are many things to see and do in Casablanca as it is the main recreational hub in Morocco. Casablanca has a superb food culture, making it a great place to live if you want to dine out frequently.

10- Kigali, Rwanda

Best Cities in Africa for Expats

There is already a sizable and well-established population of expats residing in this metropolis, which has more than one million citizens. This city offers a wide range of housing alternatives, including some beautiful house projects. This city’s core business sector is perfect for anyone travelling to Africa who intend to continue working because there are several job possibilities there. There are many things to do for locals to enjoy in the city and the surrounding area. As Kigali is surrounded by stunning countryside that is home to numerous wildlife, including mountain gorillas, it is a wonderful spot to live if you wish to mix an urban lifestyle with enjoying the outdoors. Kigali is also one of the most underrated cities in Africa.

Looking for more of the Best Cities in Africa for Expats? We have one more option for you!

11- Victoria, Seychelles

Best Cities in Africa for Expats

According to Trip Advisor, Victoria serves as Seychelles’ principal commercial, economic, and political center and is also home to around one-third of the nation’s citizens. The largest island in Seychelles, Mahe, is home to the city, which is situated on its northeastern shore. This city has a strong Creole culture and offers a wide variety of tourist and local attractions. People thinking about moving to this city are drawn by its tropical rainforest environment.

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