5 Best Little-Known Shows on NETFLIX

Netflix is an ocean of movies and shows. Some of the shows are too popular that makes us not to notice there are a lot of good things in there which only didn’t have the chance to show up as much as the big ones.

1-Rilakkuma and Kaoru

This Asian animation is about a single lady who’s living with 3 teddy bears in her apartment. she has a stressful job, almost no money and a lot of challenges to deal with every day.

Her life makes you relate to her, like a period in every single person’s life.

Availability: Netflix Everywhere



This mysterious TV show is so good that I don’t want to spoil anything for you, Just watch the first episode and you can’t stop. This is one of those shows that makes your Netflix subscription worth it.


Availability: Netflix Everywhere


Sisters is about a fertility specialist who confesses to her daughter before his death that throughout his 30 years of working, he used his own sperm the whole time.

She tries to find her siblings who are different people with different careers.

This drama makes you smile at one point and cry the next minute.

Availability: Netflix Everywhere


This British comedy is about a guy in his 20s who’s test for chlamydia is positive. He has to call anyone who had sex with him before and let them know about it.

Each episode is named after the girl he goes to.


Availability: Netflix Everywhere

5-Nailed it

“Nailed it” is one of my most beloved TV shows.

Its funny host asks three amateur chefs to bake something similar to the one on display, and they have limited time to do it. at the end of each episode, the winner wins $10,000.

The hostess is the best thing about this show. she adds a sense of humor to the whole thing.

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24 thoughts on “5 Best Little-Known Shows on NETFLIX

  1. I am a huge fan of Nailed It. Definitely one of my favourite Netflix shows. And the hostess adds to the humour of the show. Love everything about it. 😁

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