Guinea and Guinea Bissau, the separated twins explained (Part 1)

Is Guinea an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Guinea? Where is Guinea’s capital? What is the tourism in Guinea like? Where is Guinea on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Guinea? Where is Guinea? Is Guinea a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Guinea? What to do in Guinea? What is the history of Guinea?


There are a few countries on earth with the same name, everyone knows about South and North Korea because they’re frequently make their ways to the headline but other twins like Cyprus and North Cyprus, or DR Congo and R Congo. We’re going to introduce the least known twins, Guinea and Guinea Bissau, the twins who were separated since birth!

Guinea and Guinea Bissau are always among the least visited countries in the world which means, no tourists around, except you or in other words, you’ll have the entire countries to yourself, something like Sunny islands of Comoros!

Exciting, right? Let’s see what else these countries are hiding in themselves! We start with Guinea first!

Recent History of Guinea

Guinea was colonized by France, just like most of its neighbors at that time and in 1958 France was like, “Do you guys wanna remain a colony or become independent?” and everyone was like, “We still need you Dad!” except naughty Guinea who raised her hand and became one of the first independent states in the western Africa.

Guinea became independent on October 2, 1958 and that date was only the start of a not so fun roller coaster!

People in Guinea

Guinea is home to more than 12.4 million citizens. Almost all of them are of African descendants except for about 30,000 of them who are either French or Lebanese!

People are nice but military’s presence is felt everywhere which makes it hard to record by professional cameras, but smartphones are fine!

What to do in Guinea

Fouta Djallon in Guinea

Fouta Djallon is located in the center of Guinea in West Africa. This region has beautiful jungles, lots of animals, waterfalls and small villages where people are enjoying farming using its great quality soil.

Îles de Los in Guinea

These two islands are near the country’s capital, Conakry and have beautiful beaches. Îles de Los are Guinea’s tourists hot spot!

Gouverneur Iles de Los

Mount Loura in Guinea

Mount Loura is a naturally carved statue on the mountain in Guinea. Legends have it that she cheated on her husband and God punished her by making her a statue!

Credits: Afroguinée Magazine

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