Pakistan – a dangerous country or an underrated tourists Heaven – Delusional Bubble


We all know a thing or two from Pakistan, but unfortunately, the only source is new agencies who are constantly reporting how dangerous Pakistanis are and how much they hate us! Is it all true thou?!

Thinking that Pakistan is not safe is something like thinking whoever goes to an American school gets shot!

News agencies tactic is to spice up everything and twist them to get more viewers which results in more money for them! But, do you want to fall into their traps though?

Let’s start exploring this underrated country with its recent history!

Recent history of Pakistan

Pakistan is relatively a new country, yet the history of mankind living there goes back to thousands of years ago!

In recent history, this area was under British rule and when it was the time to let them be on their own, Pakistan got split from India based on its people’s religion. In fact, Pakistan is one of the very few countries on earth that’s been built only based on religion!

Bangladesh was also a part of Pakistan called East Pakistan but after a while, they were like, “thanks but no!” And formed a new country for themselves!

People in Pakistan

Pakistan is the world’s second populous Muslim country after Indonesia but it doesn’t mean that they’re all Muslim! On the contrary, there are other religions over there such as Christianity and Hinduism which are freely being practiced!

People in Pakistan love Americans! Many of them have been to the US or dream about going there! If you go there as a western tourist (especially from the US) you’ll be treated almost like a celebrity!

Most street vendors won’t accept money from you because of their hospitality and would even give you more free stuff!

What to do in Pakistan

St Andrew Church Stained glass in Pakistan

Even though Pakistan is a Muslim country, there are over 4 million Christians currently living in it. They have stunning churches like St Andrew that leave you stunned!

Credits: Khalid Mahmoud

Clifton Beach, Karachi in Pakistan

Pakistan has a long coastline and beautiful beaches such as the Clifton in Karachi. You’ll find a lot of restaurants and white sand beach over there! The most popular activity at this breach is camel riding thou!

Noor Mahal in Pakistan

This Italian built palace’s history goes back to the 18th century. At that time, the architect’s main focus was to build this palace as modern as possible!

This palace is open to the public but very few tourists know about it!

 Pakistan monument in Pakistan

This national monument is located in the capital, Islamabad. It is dedicated to the people of Pakistan who sacrificed their “today” for a better “tomorrow”.

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27 thoughts on “Pakistan – a dangerous country or an underrated tourists Heaven – Delusional Bubble

    1. Hi, dear yagneshthakore.
      Thank you for your comment.
      In numbers you are right, but since India is not identified as a Muslim country, Pakistan would be the second-largest Muslim country in the world.
      Just because there are some radicals in a country, t wouldn’t be fair to label the whole country as not free!
      It would be like saying: since there are some narrow-minded people who put pressure on Muslims in the US, we get the conclusion that no Muslim can freely practice Islam in the United States!!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Right, there is a difference but it doesn’t necessarily put Pakistan in a position where we say there’s no religion freedom there! there are about 4 million Christians living there as we’re speaking and 3.6 million Hindus.
          But of course the religion freedom in Pakistan isn’t as good as a democratic country like the US.
          Thank you very much for your comment.
          I enjoyed our conversation.

          Liked by 2 people

  1. Seven years ago, when I was a student at OSU, I had a couple of Pakistani roommates. They were very nice; we really formed a strong bond with each other. It sounds like most people in the country are friendly.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Right! Personally I had known two Pakistani people at my job a few years back. They were not nice to me, but there were millions of super nice Pakistani people in Pakistan itself that changed my perspective completely!

      Thank you very much for sharing your memory with us dear Julia.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Well, Pakistan is not as unsafe as they say in reports. People are genuinely warm and welcoming, and if they figure out that you are a visitor, they’ll give you tons of free stuff and no matter how much you insist, they won’t accept money.
          I’d have no doubts visiting it.

          Liked by 2 people

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