5 fun ways to have the best time while staying at home

These days we are experiencing one of the most unique events of the whole history!

For different reasons, some people are still forced to stay home, whether it’s because of getting laid off, unemployed or personal precautions. It doesn’t seem that good at first glance, especially for those who are workaholic or enjoy socializing and outdoor activities. Let’s think thou, are there any other options? Ummm, No! Then, you got to save these days somehow!

For the first week of quarantine, My brain was confused, it woke me up at 7 AM and forced me to check the traffic, weather and my work email. I was following news, talking with others, telling them how worried I was.

On the 7th day, I realized I was wasting my precious God-given days off and started writing a list that I’m sharing with you below.

1- Stop following news

There’s a temptation in checking international, national and local news and during the first few days of the pandemic, it was important because there was something new about this issue every day but after a while it became stable. Now, most of it is the death record around the world, those who got affected in each area and updates about the possible vaccine.

Let’s be honest! Now it’s only a matter of news addiction. There’s no benefit in knowing how many people got infected or died!

Simply stop reading them and get rewarded instantly by worrying less every day.


2-Go back to what you left off

We all left some task undone, something that we postponed halfway for “When I’m free!”, believe it or not, now it is the time for those things.

Maybe you have a story in your mind that you think would be a bestseller, or an indoor hobby which you bought all the essential tools for, or the broken automatic garage door that needs at least a day to get fixed.

Think about them, you’ll remember where to start.


3-pay attention to your soul

Do you believe in God, a greater power, or meditation?

Get connected to a source, if you are religious, read the holy book, especially the verses that are about hope and happiness, pray more often. Be sure that God is protecting you at all costs.

If you don’t believe in anything, in particular, spend some time on a daily basis to meditate. Focus and listen to the voice within you.





4-Spend quality time with family or yourself

When was the last time you had a deep conversation with your child? When was the last time your partner had the opportunity to get familiar with your new way of thinking? When was the last time you didn’t shout shut up as your dog barked?

We live in a fast pace world, now that it’s not in hurry for a few weeks, take time and talk to your beloved ones or love yourself more, teach your children how to cook or tell your partner how much he/she means to you.



5-Watch funny shows

Watching something funny always helps to boost your mood.

There are tons of them on Netflix, my all time favorite is Friends, just listening to its intro music makes me smile.


There’s a cooking show called “Nailed it!”, It’s way too funny. You can find it on Netflix as well.

Please share your suggestions in the comments to help everyone have a good time at home.

We don’t have to be thinking about Corona virus (Covid 19) all day long!

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Life is a bubble, Make your bubble as delusional as possible!

72 thoughts on “5 fun ways to have the best time while staying at home

    1. I’m very glad to hear that.
      Quiting following the news isn’t that easy. You have to do it gradually, like missing one time of any kind of news you attempt to read or hear everyday on purpose and add up the missing times every week! Once you get rid of News, the world will look beautiful again!
      Thank you very much for your comment!


  1. Great practical tips which are appreciated. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on March 29th eating dinner at our kitchen table. And for the first time in those forty years, we assembled two 500-piece jigsaw puzzles and are on our third – enjoyable and just a tad addictive, but a good break from the routine. And after never watching an episode we have watched about fourteen episodes of Stumptown. Filmed mostly in LA but about our wonderful Portland, Oregon. A light private detective scenario which is often not the most realistic, but fun to watch and I now just can’t handle Cable news to which I had become accustomed to watching for too much before this happened.

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    1. Wow, that’s great.
      I was picturing you guys as reading your beautiful comment.
      I wish I could get some help from you with my 500 piece puzzle! It’s been sitting on the table for two weeks now and my progress is like 1 piece a day! lol
      I’ll add that show to my Netflix list. I like Portland a lot. It looks like my hometown, Vancouver, BC!
      Thank you very much for your comment.

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  2. I had a very similar post. I limit the news, and watch comedies (even the murder channel is more uplifting). I am growing seeds and cooking. I am a care-giver so that’s about all I can do right now. But controlling your time is the key.

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  3. All great tips. I have a variation on # 1 that works for me. I agree 100% that watching the news all day is a totally unnecessary downer, about as useful as a heroin addiction. However, I take 5-10 minutes a day to look at the stats and line graphs, including — don’t get mad at me — the death counts (which I take as a bit more accurate than infection numbers, as the latter are arbitrarily related to how many tests are given, whereas the dead don’t lie — at least they don’t lie as much). That is my quick update on where we stand. Then I turn it off. Who needs to hear a bunch of talking heads trying to one-up each other in terms of estimated carnage? Be careful, be productive, and turn off the news. Oh yeah, and follow the other fine tips by Delusional Bubble 🙂

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  4. Wonderful suggestions! I absolutely agree with avoiding the news. I checked the news multiple times a day when things first started getting bad, and I was in a not so great mental state because of it. I’ve stayed away from the news for the past couple weeks, and I feel so much better. And yes, Nailed It is hilarious! Definitely one of my favorite shows! 😀

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  5. My life hasn’t really changed that much because of the lockdown. But I have watched much less TV and been writing more blog posts. So that’s not a bad thing.
    Many thanks for following my blog, DB.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Praying for you and the entire world. May this be a time that the world turns to the Lord. May you rest in the peace that only Jesus can give you, and may you and Mario remain healthy and pointing people to Jesus Karen

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    1. That’s not good. What year group is your child in? I’ve got a first year secondary and 2nd year junior (uk) I’ve found secondary are setting her work but junior not so much, I’ve googled KS2 worksheets and printed them out, given her colouring, times tables etc to do. Twinkl is great for resources.

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  7. When this first started ( 13 days for us) I did a lot of cleaning but now I just do the basics. I try to do one thing a day that I don’t do that often and I’ve started to fix things that I’ve put off. My problem is that I have too many hobbies but I am trying to do more of that than watch the news. Every day I take a solitary walk around the neighbourhood to get my steps in and both my husband and I have found a renewed interest in baking and cooking. We’ve started baking bread together. We spend a fair bit of time on social media keeping in touch with our family here in the city, outside the city and outside the country. Thanks for the tip about funny movies on Netflix and I’m definitely going to check out ‘Nailed it’. Carol from Toronto, Canada

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    1. It started at about the same time for us too. I was truly struggling for the first 6 days, It’s good to hear that you have too many hobbies to choose from. I’m currently searching for funny shows and movies that are not that known on Netflix and will share them as a new post soon. Thanks for your comment, dear Carol.


  8. I agree. Watching the news and thinking about the Corona Virus 24/7 is definitely not a good idea!
    Don’t want to be driven into a state of panic and fear, on top of everything else.
    I find that a sense of humor is always good medicine.
    Yesterday, when I found this old comedy skit by Carol Burnett about “toilet tissue” on YouTube –I couldn’t stop laughing. Was she looking into the future (to 2020) when she did this? Has toilet paper always been so important?! AHA! I never realized!

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