Honduras, where it rains Fishes!

Is Honduras an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Honduras? Where is Honduras’s capital? What is the tourism in Honduras like? Where is Honduras on the map? Is it dangerous to visit Honduras? Where is Honduras? Is Honduras a country or a city? What is the religion of the population in Honduras? What to do in Honduras? What is the history of Honduras?


There is this stereotype about Latin America that everyone speaks Spanish and eats taco which is partially true but if you zoom in a little bit, you’ll be like, “Wow, they’re so different!”

Honduras is one unique country with a lot of things going on. It rains fishes over there (Not kidding) which we’ll explain in this post, but let’s start with its history first.

Recent History of Honduras

Honduras was a Spanish colony, like most Latin countries and it didn’t become independent until September 15, 1821.

Before that, it was a part of the Mayan empire that’s the reason why there are still a lot of Mayan infrastructures in Honduras.

The government has been trying to move towards democracy, but it’s not easy to ignore all of the drug traffic and cartels that only bring corruption to the country!

Whenever a new government takes over, they go like, “Yeah, we’re gonna stop it!” and by the end, half of the cabinet is sort of involved in it! Right, as long as there are drug consumers, it will never stop!

People in Honduras

most Hondurans are Mestizos (Mix) while they still have some indigenous people, as well as Whites, and a small Arab and Chinese community.

Surprisingly, most of the population, especially in the urban areas can speak fluent English that’s the reason why numerous American companies set up their call centers there!

People are well aware of the drug cartels and gangs, but they follow the golden rule of “mind your own business” and keep their daily routines by simply ignoring it!

What to do in Honduras

Caribbean Honduras Islands in Honduras

Did you know that Honduras has the most beautiful islands on the Caribbeans which leave you like, “Is it really Honduras?” kind of thing? Every day, Cruise ships take passengers to Caribbean Honduras destinations and people ask themselves the same question over and over!

Lluvia de Peces in Honduras

Back to the topic! There’s a town called Yoro that celebrates a real fish rain, once or twice a year!

Every year, there’s one or two storms followed by heavy rain in this town and soon after the sun comes back, the streets are full of fishes that are mostly still alive! People throw feasts with the fishes and hold a celebration. Scientists have been trying to figure out the main reason since 1970 but they’re still stuck with theories, not facts!

Credits: comunidadclubmarcopolo

Museum for National Identity in Honduras

This Museum is the right place to witness Honduran identity throughout centuries. The objects are often sorted and decorated beautifully that makes it totally worthy of a visit.

Credits: viator

Nuestra Señora de Suyapa in Honduras

Nuestra Señora de Suyapa or Our Lady of Suyapa is home to An 18th-century wooden statue (6 cm/2.3 in) of the Virgin Marry, making it (Probably) the most popular religious image in Honduras.


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  1. I know what you mean… where I live, in a part of the US with a lot of Mexican influences, Mexican-American culture is so widespread that a lot of people assume the entire Spanish-speaking world is like that, but it’s not. One of my favorite restaurants here does Santa Fe style Mexican food, and a lot of people here don’t like it because they’re expecting the same kind of Mexican food as all the other Mexican restaurants here. And if two different parts of the US can have different Mexican food styles, then it’s understandable that two different countries would be very different.

    And it’s interesting that you mentioned the Arab minority in Honduras; someone who I had classes with in my later years at UJ was born in Honduras but of Arab descent. I’ll have to mention her at some point when I get that far in my story.

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  2. You take requests right?? I have 2 … can you do the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴… and then also could you do Puerto Rico 🇵🇷? Puerto Rico is a US territory but I don’t know much about them.

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