5 super easy ways to cheer up yourself in Quarantine Covid-19!

We all deal with some sort of negativity in our life, no matter if it is queen Elizabeth or a homeless person! For some people, it’s easy to be happy at all costs but the majority of us struggle to find peace while getting bombarded by stress waves every day!

Although we cannot predict or control the situation like COVID-19, it’s still possible to get less angry!

1- Take a 5 minutes break

Are you in the middle of an argument? stuck in traffic? about to lose your whole life? Take 5 minutes break! some call it the true miracle. Just step back, take a deep breath and drink some water, then BOOM!! you’ll suddenly feel better, your mind needs to recover!

2- Go to your happy place

The happy place could be anything from whistling to imagining yourself on the best vacation ever!

Whenever the world becomes overwhelming, go to your happy place and you’ll feel better.

The secret is that your soul needs to fill up its tank by hope.

3-Force yourself to do something useful

Imagine you had a very bad day and feeling too tired, and you know that a cup of hot chocolate or watching that movie for the fifth time helps, then DO IT! Who cares you should get up early? helping yourself should be the number one priority in your life, don’t forget, you work to live, not living to work!

4-Think about your favorite person

Is that your mum, friend, or that barista at Starbucks? Think about them and even better, give them a call. it would change your day.

5-Eat something

It helps more than you think! Most frustrations come from being hungry!

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18 thoughts on “5 super easy ways to cheer up yourself in Quarantine Covid-19!

  1. Being an introvert I was happy with the world closing down temporarily. Now after being two months at home with everyone around I crave a walk outside and to go my favourite cafe!! Walking around my balcony, hence.

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