How to remain mentally stable during the quarantine

We as humans, need to socialize. Everyone has a limit tho. For some people, it means going to McDonald’s drive-thru every day and nag about everything, for some others, it’s waking up, talking to family, then talking to people at work, then hanging out with friends for a coffee and at nights, talking to family again!

But this quarantine period has crossed the red lines in socializing and even scarier than that, destroyed whatever we call normal!

Investigate the situation

You probably have no clue why there’s this voice in your head repeating, “Something is wrong!” and doesn’t allow you to be as happy as you were before COVID-19.

Is there a reason behind it? Of course, there is!

It doesn’t matter how your life was like a few weeks ago, even if you hated your job and your co-workers, chances are that you miss all of that, even your boss! It is because that lifestyle was qualified as normal in your system and our nerves don’t alert us when we are at that everyday norm. They send your mind the message of peace and safety. They used to say, “Yeah, her boss is driving her crazy again, minor stress hormones please!” or “Stuck in traffic, minor anger, let’s hunk for the idiot car in front, maybe we get home sooner!”.

I have a friend who craves going back to school once in a while and then withdraws after a semester. She told me that every time she goes back to our local college, there’s this bookkeeper at the library who always has the same hairstyle and it makes my friend feel good, knowing that everything is still the same.

Now your nerves are mostly like, “Oh no, it’s a working day and she’s home, red alert please,” or “He’s stuck at home with his unsolved family issues more than 1 day a week, panic alert!” and then you get angry with the most basic issues.

You need to sit down for a few minutes and start matching the scenario above with your current situation and check to see if you’ve become a little unsteady or not.

Plan your next step

It’s great to know where you’re standing at, and even better to plan for better.

Although it sucks that you have no control over this coronavirus but you do have full control over how to spend your free time.

Remember when you were working every day, dreaming for a few days off? Good news, you earned it!

I know it’s not exactly as you wished for, but it’s still useful for sure. There’s surely that one thing you couldn’t wait to have some time to do, like reading that book you bought a few months ago or watching that TV series everyone talked about or working on your Spanish,

These free times are the best to catch up with your life and your passions. Why not enjoying and spread positive energy to your beloved ones and your soul?

Let’s imagine this quarantine time is a test and the only way to pass it is by being happy! You don’t have to follow bad news every day. Do all the safety that’s recommended and try your best not to get sick, but reading about the new death records or panics around the world does not help you at all.

As long as you remain hygienic and not going out as much as possible, you’re helping to solve the problem and considered a good person.

It’s better to follow your passions in the meanwhile to remain happy and make a good memory out of these days.

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Life is a bubble, Make your bubble as delusional as possible!

6 thoughts on “How to remain mentally stable during the quarantine

  1. I’m with you all the way on this! It a pandemic and it’s out of our control so we might as well do something we love while we wait for it to pass. We also need to get used to the fact that we will forever have a new normal, at least for a couple of years out. Welcome to the new normal… 🙂

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