5 ways to sleep faster and easier

One of the most common problems among adults is not being able to sleep, so-called “Insomnia”.

It’s not like the Coronavirus! There are very simple and easy ways to have a faster and easier sleeping time.

1-Adjust the temperature

Temperature is almost the most important factor for sleeping!

The recommended room temperature is 60–75°F (15–23°C) but that doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people prefer colder while some others like almost everyone in my family (except me) prefer it to be as hot as possible.

If you cannot adjust your room’s temp, change your clothes according to your preferences.

2-have a schedule

The human body is exactly like a machine and has a specific setting and schedule for everything.

It’s mandatory to have an exact time for sleeping and waking up. It would not be easy at first, but you have to force yourself into starting it.

For example, you can set up your alarm to wake up at 9:30 AM and go to bed at 11 PM even if you don’t feel sleepy at all. This way, your body will get used to this schedule after a week and after that, you’ll do it automatically without an alarm or looking at the clock at nights.

3-Turn off the lights

When it’s time to sleep, the room has to be dark because of the body’s sleeping hormones such as Melatonin.

In some parts of the world, the sun doesn’t disappear completely at nights during summertime and it makes their bodies to go like, “Is it night yet?” , In those cases, it’s better to hang a dark curtain to help your body determine it’s time to sleep.

4-get exhausted during the day

As of now (April 2020) most of us are staying at home because of the Coronavirus and staying at home all day long doesn’t make us tired enough to pass out at nights.

It’s better to avoid taking daytime naps and try to walk inside the house (Or outside if it’s safe) to get exhausted.

5-drink milk

Drink a glass of warm milk about 30 minutes before going to bed. It miraculously helps you to sleep faster and easier than before.

Try to limit your caffeine intake as well and avoid drinking anything with high caffeine after 4 PM.




Do you have any recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “5 ways to sleep faster and easier

      1. Being the strange bod I am….I’ve had caffeine tea and had a good sleep, as well as herbal tea. I normally hit the bed around 23.00, and that means head is down and I’m out. Up at 5.30am, 9/10 times I’ll sleep all the way through. Put that down to riding a bike late evening during a weekday

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