Was Bird Box on NETFLIX a warning for COVID-19?

Do you remember the popular movie, “Bird Box” on NETFLIX?


The movie was about some bad ghosts that forcibly invaded into people’s souls and transformed them into bad creatures. A group of strangers quarantined themselves inside a big house and didn’t dare to go out until they ran out of food and by the end, the only survivor tried to find a clean shelter she heard about with her children.


1- The whole bad creature thing started suddenly, out of nowhere just like Corona.

2-People got infected with the slightest look to the outside world, like the Coronavirus that gets in too easily if you touch anything outside the safe zone.

3-People had to wear blindfolds to get out of their home like us, wearing masks when going out.

4-They had to stuck up their necessities, because there was no guarantee to find those goods the next day, as the situation in a lot of countries now.

5-When those kids were born during the bad ghost time, they couldn’t believe there were other kids on the planet, let go of playing with them. Imagine if our current situation continues for years if a child is born today, will they believe that one day kids could play together or go to school?

What do you think about these theories? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Life is a bubble, Make your bubble as delusional as possible!

11 thoughts on “Was Bird Box on NETFLIX a warning for COVID-19?

  1. Interesting comparison. I wonder what the world will be like from here on out, how it will change compared to before. The virus is not gone and will not be eradicated. So, will we never shake hands again? Will we always keep our distance from others? Will we stay home more. Will there be less pollution? Will some of these new laws that have been put into effect due to the virus remain in effect even after the threat is minimized, like the new rules that sprang from 911? Great post, thank you!

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