5 ways to maintain your weight while staying at home

Almost all of us are stuck at home for our safety. Staying at home means almost no walking, no exercise and overeating! Yes, you’re not the only one who’s eating more, it’s most of us!

Just because we are getting limited, doesn’t mean we have to gain weight!

Let’s see what the options are.


Yes, it’s that fun and easy! Did you know that dancing is far more effective than walking? You don’t have to know how to dance tho! Although there are tons of dance training videos on youtube, all you have to do is to play a catchy beat and move your body 15 minutes a day. If it’s hard, start by 5 minutes or split it to 5 minutes, three times a day.

2-Change your snacks

Eating potato chips? Change it with coconut chips!

Eating cheese Puffs? Change it with nuts like Almond and walnut.

Craving high calorie snacks? Change them with beef jerky.

It’s not a huge sacrifice, only exchanging to healthier options.

3-Drink plenty of water

3/4 of our body is filled up by water. It means that we need it for most of our functions including digesting and having good skin.

When you wake up in the morning, drink half a cup of water (more or less, depending on your appetite). While we are sleeping, our bodies are fighting with bad guys inside, and by the morning, the first thing they need is water to win the battle. If you drink coffee or tea instead, bad guys win!

4-Try 5:2

5:2 diet is a funny one. It works like taking fewer calories for 2 days and eat regularly for 5 days. It is effective and not that hard.

5-Set a time limit

Don’t just eat whenever you want, set a limit, The best one is an 8 hours limit, like you eat your breakfast at 9 AM and then can eat until 5 PM. This is very effective if you honor the limit and don’t cheat or overeat during that period.

Do you have any recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below.

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