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12 easiest Ways to Find a Job Overseas


The number one excuse people bring when asking them why they’re not traveling is, “I have no money to travel!” and other excuses like, “I don’t have rich parents or a saving account!”.

Well, let’s pick up the money barrier by the ultimate guide to traveling when you have no money or a limited budget!

In this post, we’ll talk about 15 Ways to Find a Job and Work Overseas (Even get paid), or affordable enough!

Find a job overseas

There are a lot of proven finding jobs overseas programs to waive the costs of your traveling.

1- Au pair

Au pair is the term used for a person who lives with a host family and takes care of their children and does some housework. The family provides a room and a small salary in return! Au pair is the best traveling program if you are willing to learn a new language for free and even get paid to visit an area!

There are a lot of Au pair websites to help you fund your travel expenses like AuPairWorld.

2- Bartender

Bartenders are always needed and it’s relatively an easy job to do while traveling! Some people use the bartender job as an under the table job while traveling which we don’t recommend at DB!

3- Hostel worker

Hostels are always in need of new workers since barely anyone keeps working as a hostel worker.

You can find such opportunities while traveling. It enables you to communicate with other fellow travelers, as well as having a free room to stay in return for working at the hostel.

There are a lot of Hostel worker websites to start your journey with such as Worldpackers.

4- Farm worker

If you don’t mind your nails to get dirty, there are a lot of farmers around the world who offer you a place to stay and food (some even pay a little cash). You’ll work on the farm for a few hours and have the rest of your day to surf around!

5- Waitress/waiter

There are a lot of seasonal restaurants around the world that would love to have you as a traveler during the peak months. If you don’t mind working at a restaurant, becoming a Waitress/waiter abroad is a great option to extend your holidays!

6- Tour guide

Do you have enough historical knowledge about a place or two? If you don’t mind talking in front of a crowd, becoming a tour guide abroad would help you fund some parts of your travel, as it is a cash-based job that tourists pay tips directly at the spot!

7- Cruise ship worker

Becoming a Cruise ship worker is a little hard as the working hours are long and paperwork is required sometimes before getting accepted, but if you are OK with both the hours and the paper works, It’s a great opportunity to experience ocean traveling!

8- Dive instructor (certification required)

If you have the Dive instructor certification, you’re in luck since tons of jobs are waiting for you abroad. Just choose the area you like to work as a scuba instructor, and you’ll be on your way in a few days, exploring somewhere beautiful and working to fund your travel!

9- Seasonal worker at ski resorts

As long as you are OK with snow, numerous jobs are required at ski resorts such as lifeguards, Instructors, hotel staff, and restaurant staff. Ski resorts are so precious for nomad travelers who don’t like to pay out of their own pocket that much while traveling.

10- Casino worker

Becoming a casino worker needs some training, plus you need to be one of those owls who enjoy being awake all night long!

11- Yacht worker

Similar to working on a cruise ship, working on a yacht requires long hours, but you’ll make good money working for a rich person or a celebrity while being somewhere awesome in the world!

12- Teach English Overseas

If English is your native language, you’re lucky since there are a lot of institutes, schools, and other centers around the world, in need of your God-given skill! Some people think they have to have a bachelor’s in education or something like that to get qualified to teach English overseas which is partially true for some famous English teaching organizations (like Arab states around Persian gulf) but countless other companies and websites are there for you to become an English tutor overseas to get paid while traveling like Diverbo.

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