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12 Things not to Do in Hawaii


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in America which attracts countless visitors to itself each year. There are a lot of things to do when traveling to Hawaii, but in case no one ever told you what not to do there, use this post as your source since we’ll talk about 12 things not to do in Hawaii.

1- Don’t book a Beach-side Hotel

Beach-side hotel is good and everything, but did you know that there are at least two benefits to not booking one for your trip to Hawaii? First, it’s going to save you a lot of money that can be spent on other fun stuff. And second, did you know all the beaches in Hawaii are public? (With the exemption of a few that belongs to the Federal government). there are NO private beaches in Hawaii! According to the Hawai’i Supreme Court.

Then you can easily book a non-beach-side hotel in Hawaii and just head over there to the hotels’ beaches when you want to! At the end of the day, even those gated communities or fancy resorts don’t own the beaches!

2- Rent a car

Hawaii has a lot to see and explore. Then don’t skip booking a car when traveling to Hawaii unless you plan to relax by the beach and do nothing but eating, swimming, and relaxing by the beach during your trip (which doesn’t sound like a bad plan at all!)

3- Don’t Underestimate Hawaiian Food

Hawaiian food isn’t only about Spam and pineapple in everything! They have an absolutely delicious, yet unknown cuisine in Hawaii which is going to surprise you for sure. A big part of traveling somewhere new is trying their food, right?

Just head to the local breweries, stand in the line of food trucks and go to any small restaurants you see in Hawaii, and not only you’ll pay less for your food, but also you get to discover and appreciate a lot of yum dishes!

4- Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Don’t use sunscreen for a day in Hawaii and you’ll regret it for sure at the end of the day! Hawaii has one of the most dangerous sunshine in the world in case you don’t apply sunscreen. Plus, white sand would reflect sunshine that makes it up to 25% more powerful than usual!

5- Hawaii is more than beaches

Don’t stick to the beaches in Hawaii! This island state has a lot more to offer, like its national parks, waterfalls, mountains, and culture. Just rent a car and get surprised by the beauties this state has to offer.

6- Don’t Rent Snorkels in Hawaii

Try snorkels once and you can never swim without them again. But don’t rent snorkels in Hawaii, why? Let’s put it this way. A total stranger had it in their mouth for only 30 minutes and it got washed. Do you still want to put it in your mouth with all those germs that are still sitting there? I guess not! Just head over to any Costco or Target in Hawaii, and buy your own snorkel for $20! Or get one from home!

7- Watch out while driving

Hawaii polices are allowed to use their private cars while being on duty and would only have to have a portable siren with them. Then technically any car in Hawaii could be a police car. Then don’t get surprised if some random car with a siren is passing by and don’t speed too! The last thing you need on your trip is a speeding ticket!

8- Don’t take lava rocks

You are not allowed to take anything out from any national park, including the rocks! Many people take lava rocks out of Hawaii illegally and end up posting them back to Hawaii after hearing about the rumors of the curse on the rocks in Hawaii by the Gods. Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, it’s still better not to take the risk!

9- Don’t hike illegally or start a hike late in the day

Just because you’re in Hawaii, doesn’t mean you should do whatever your heart desires! Hawaiians are used to listening about tourists getting lost in the wilderness on their local 10 p.m. news! A lot of people are willing to take risks which they usually don’t when being back home which would put them in situations they don’t like at all!

10- Don’t turn your back to the ocean

I know! The perfect travel photo from your Hawaii photo would be you, sitting on a rock, with the ocean behind you. As much as it’s perfect for your next Instagram photo, it’s dangerous too! The first wave that hits you from the back could change the whole situation to struggling for your survival after being taken by the ocean!

11- luau is not Hawaiian culture

luau is western media’s attempt to introduce Hawaii to outsiders, but it is not that Hawaiian! Tiki drinks? They were invented in California. Fire-knife dancing? That’s Samoan.

Head to the Bishop Museum on Oahu, instead, and if interested, even more, volunteer at places like Molokai Land Trust and Heeia Fishpond on Oahu, or take a tour of Na Mea Kupono’s taro farm in Waialua on Oahu.

12- Don’t get close to the blowhole

Blowholes are very fun to look at, at a distance! But if you get close to them, you’ll fall in the hole as soon as the next wave comes out of the blowhole. Plus the stones are too slippery to stand on, even if water doesn’t hit you while standing there! Stand at a distance and enjoy it!

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