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11 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Italy


When in Rome, do as the Romans do, otherwise, you’ll make a fool out of yourself!

This isn’t the most polite introduction for a post, but it hits the point, right?

In this post, we’ll talk about 11 things you should know before moving to Italy.

1- Living cost in Italy

Italy is one’s of Europe’s most expensive countries for living, so, get ready to spend similar or even a bit more than what you’re already paying.

2- Insurance

Italy’s national insurance, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) is a good one, but since the country’s population is aging fast, there’s a hidden pressure on the healthcare system which is the reason why a lot of Expats in Italy prefer to have private insurance.

3- Applying for permesso di soggiorno 

Credits: stranieriinitalia

If you’re from an EU country, living in Italy is an easy process, but if that’s not the case, you should be applying for an Italian Permanent Residency known as permesso di soggiorno which would be valid for 2-5 years once you get approved. You can apply for permesso di soggiorno after arriving in Italy.

4- Drinking coffee

Ever since coffee was discovered, Italians could never get enough of it! It’s a typical thing to see an average Italian drinking 5 to 7 shots of strong espresso every day! Make sure you follow the following coffee rules in Italy.

5- How much Pasta?!

According to Statista, 63% of Italians are eating pasta every day! That’s why you can’t find better pasta than Italian pasta anywhere else in the world!

6- Italian Football 

Football (Soccer for Americans!!) is almost like a religion in Italy. If there’s a big game happening, the entire towns will shut down to watch the match!

7- North/South hidden border

Similar to most other European countries, Italy has a hidden border between the North and South of the country! The Northern part of Italy is known as being technological, fast-paced, and industrial while the South is relaxed, less developed, with more unemployment rate.

8- Italian history

Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world which has been influenced by Greeks, Arabs, Byzantines, Spaniards, Germans, and – most significantly of all – Romans. If you think you like history a lot, living in Italy would be a good test for you, as it almost seems like you’re living in history!

9- Fashion = Oxygen

With many famous fashion brands like Versace, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and Prada have their headquarters in Rome, you should know that fashion is being taken very seriously in Italy. Then if you’re not a fashion kind of person, get ready to become one!

10- Mammismo! 

Credits: Gelestatic

Many Italian guys between 20-35 are still living with their parents because they believe no one is going to love and take care of them more than their mother! This culture is so common in Italy that they have a word for it, Mammismo!

11- Breakfast in Italy

Breakfast in Italy is normally just a shot of Espresso and a croissant/fruit. Then don’t expect to find the big American breakfast in Italy!

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