10 Vacations You Can Take from Home

Even though everything in the world is slowly going back towards normalization, traveling is still not a possibility for a lot of people, either because of COVID-related travel limitations against Americans or self-cautious people who simply don’t want to put others and themselves at risk. But we are lucky that we’re living in the global village time that allows us to visit people and places virtually! In this post, we’ll talk about 10 vacations you can take from home.

10- Australia

Enjoy Golden Australia without flying for half a day across the globe! Visit Australia’s 360-degree aquatic and coastal experiences on YouTube.

9- Charlotte, NC, United States

Charlotte in the U.S. is a charming city with a lot of things to visit. The city’s tourism board has gathered everything in here. You can also enjoy virtual concerts with local talent, and online videos and tours at Discovery Place Science.

8- Chile

the free app Chile 360 takes you to the most famous places for visiting in Chile like Easter Island, Torres del Paine, the Atacama Desert, and more. You can also become familiar with Chile’s history thru The National Historic Museum of Chile and the Santiago Chile observatory that are offering virtual tours right now.

7- Czech Republic

This historical European nation offers a lot of different ways for you to either walk on the streets of Prague, kayak in Cesky Krumlov, or to explore the Czech’s history by visiting the Czech Republic’s UNESCO Sightsmonuments, and museums, or the Czech Opera. You can even take a quiz about which castle in the country you should live in.

6- Japan

Although Japan’s Olympics is postponed, you can still visit the hosting country. The world-famous Shibuya Crossingsnow monkeys bathing in hot springs, cherry blossoms in Miharu Falls in Fukushima, and Hirosaki Park are ready to give you the best virtual travel you ever had!

5- Macau

Macau, known as “Las Vegas of Asia” is a self-governing state in China. As you can already guess, Macau is a fun land! You can visit this exciting place on the region’s YouTube channel using Virtual Reality Headset. This channel would feature events like Chinese New Year and even jump off the world’s tallest bungee jump!

4- Malta

Malta is one of the oldest countries in Europe and is proud of its history. Now you can get to know Maltese culture and history by Heritage Malta Virtual Tours. You can visit Maltese museums, temples, forts, archaeological sites, and three of the country’s UNESCO Heritage sites, including the capital, Valletta. 

3- Portugal

Never had a chance to visit this European gem? Visit it using Visit Portugal‘s website or simply pour a nice glass of wine for yourself and visit their YouTube channel that showcases amazing views from Portugal.

2- Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver in Canada is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you can’t travel to Vancouver right now, head to #VirtuallyVancouver (hosted by the tourism board) that has various activities for showing you this fabulous city. You can also lookup Vancouver Aquarium’s live cameras that are always fun!

1- Disney Land

Have you had to postpone your Disney Land’s trip because of the pandemic? Or simply always dreamed of traveling to Disney land? Worry no more, as this YouTube Channel would take you to a virtual tour of those fascinating things like Splash and Space Mountain or Monorail rides by using a Virtual Reality Headset.

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  1. Love this! Thank you. Just what I needed as I was just yesterday mourning not being able to travel this past year. This helps. Enjoy your journeys, wherever they may take you, even if just on your couch! Jane

    1. YVR is my favorite airport! (I guess because when I get there, I know I’m home! Lol)
      It’s small and cute.
      You can try your first Timmies at YVR too! That’ll be fun! I love their double chocolate donut and white hot chocolate! Just ask them to heat up the donut for you for 10 sec.

          1. Thank God! London customs was usually hell so I was bracing myself for something similar. I won’t need to do customs at YYC because it will be a local flight. Thanks for all the tips! I’m in the stressful final stages and every little bit helps! 😊

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