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10 Reasons why you should travel to Puerto Rico


The United States is a very beautiful country with lots and lots (and lots) of things to do! You can go skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado, dig into Tongass National Forest, Alaska, or explore Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Kanab, Utah, the options are basically never-ending!

But there’s a very beautiful US territory in the Caribbeans that’s been off people’s radar for some unknown reasons which many travelers and locals refer to as “The Paradise”, Puerto Rico!

In this post, we’ll check out the top 10 reasons why you should travel to Puerto Rico as soon as possible!

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1- Puerto Rico beaches

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island. Some experts argue that Puerto Rico beaches are by far the most beautiful ones among all other Caribbean islands.

The fun part about beaches in Puerto Rico is that there’s a beach for every taste! Do you prefer to chill at a beach somewhat private to yourself? Or a beach where a large crowd is enjoying? Or are you a professional surfer looking for the perfect beach for surfing? Or even a beach with no waves at all? Puerto Rico got you covered with its 501 km (311.3 mi) coastline!

2- Puerto Rican cuisine

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Puerto Rico’s cuisine is a mixture of Spanish, Caribbean, African, and Asian cuisine with fresh products of the island! If you’re ever in Puerto Rico, try the aguacate Relleno—avocado stuffed with creamy garlic shrimp which is a locals’ favorite!

And to add more to it, did you know that Puerto Rico grows some of the best coffee, vegetable, and tropical fruits in the entire world? Not to mention that Puerto Rico is the world’s second-largest Rum producer after India?

3- Puerto Rico is very safe

Since Puerto Rico is a touristic territory in general, Police take safety as its top priority! But it shouldn’t make you feel like you shouldn’t practice the usual precautions while being in a different city rather than yours!

4- Locals in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s people are proud of their warmness and thriving culture where the Salsa dance was first invented!

5- Puerto Rico Dance and Music

At the end of the day, Puerto Rico is Caribbean with all of the colorful dancing and music scenes going around here and there all-year-round. Bomba and the Danza are the two most popular Puerto Rico dances! And if you still remember, Despacito by Luis Fonsi is Puerto Rican, so are Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez! Do you still need more?

6- Puerto Rico is easy to navigate

Once you’re on the island, it’s too easy to get around! Simply rent a car (like any other place in the United States), take public transit, or use Uber!

7- Americans don’t need a passport for traveling to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a US territory where American citizens have the advantage of not needing a visa, just like traveling to Hawaii which only means one less headache before your travel! It feels so good vacationing in the Caribbean, knowing that technically you’re still within your country’s soil!

8- Tourism money helps the recovery from Hurricane Maria

One of the most destructive natural disasters in the United State’s history was Hurricane Maria in 2017 that displaced more than 3,000 people in Puerto Rico. Even though the federal government helped and they could slowly recover, there are still some things that need improvement, especially in the remote parts of the island.

9- Puerto Rico is a family-friendly destination

If you have kids, be sure that they’re going to have a great time in Puerto Rico with endless activities to do with your kids like the Children’s museum, exploring the old forts in San Juan, or hiking!

10- Solo female travelers love Puerto Rico

As mentioned above, Puerto Rico is very safe, fun, and easy to navigate, and last but not least, hostels in Puerto Rico are awesome. All of these reasons persuaded solo female travelers to fall in love with their Puerto Rico’s journey!

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