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10 Most Religious States in America


The US states are different in many ways and each state has its unique identity and culture.

The United States is known as the symbol of freedom by many around the world where people are allowed to have any kind of beliefs as long as they don’t hurt others and keep their thoughts to themselves!

Some of the states are more religious compared to other ones. In this post, we’ll introduce 10 Most Religious States in America.

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10- North Carolina

In North Carolina, more than 65 percent of people are highly religious with 39 percent attending church’s Sunday services weekly. According to Pew’s index, bout 77 percent of people identify as Christian and the rest are unaffiliated to any religion and the largest minority being Jewish.

8- Oklahoma (tied)

66 percent of Oklahoma’s population is highly religious with 65 percent of them praying daily.

Of almost 4 million people living in Oklahoma, 79 percent are Christian, 18 percent are nonreligious, and 2 percent are religious non-Christian, mostly Jewish and Muslims.

8- Georgia (tied)

Similar to Oklahoma, the state of Georgia is dominantly religious with 79 percent identifying as Christian and 64 percent who claim religion plays an important role in their daily life. 18 percent of Georgians are non-religious and 3 percent practicing non-Christian religions.

7- West Virginia

West Virginians are slightly more religious compared to Oklahoma and Georgia with 69 percent of them being highly religious and 68 percent praying daily. about 77 percent of people in West Virginia identify as Christian while 18 percent are unaffiliated with any religion and 3 percent practicing non-Christian religions.

6- South Carolina

South Carolina is the 6th most religious state in the US with 70 of people being religious Christians and 78 percent believing in religion. 19 percent of people in South Carolina are non-religious and 3 percent having a religion other than Christianity.

5- Arkansas

Arkansans are a little bit more religious than South Carolinian people with 70 percent of the state’s 3 million population being highly religious and 79 percent being Christian overall. About 12 percent are unaffiliated with any religion and 1 percent have non-Christian religions.

4- Louisiana

About 71 percent of Louisiana adults are devoted Christians while 84 percent of Louisianians claiming to be Christians and 13 percent are non-religious. 2 percent of people in Louisiana have a religion other than Christianity, with the majority being Buddhist.

3- Tennessee

Pew believes that 73 percent of people in Tennessee are highly religious with 81 percent identifying as Christian and 14 percent not believing in any specific religion. 3 percent of Tennesseans are practicing a religion other than Christianity.

1- Mississippi (tied)

In Mississippi, 77 percent of adults are very religious as 74 percent of them say religion is very important in their lives and 75 percent pray daily. 83 percent of Mississippi’s 3 million population is Christian, 14 percent do not believe in any religion and about 2 percent believe in non-Christian faiths.

1- Alabama (tied)

Alongside Mississippi, Alabama is the most religious state in America with 77 percent of adults being devoted Christians and 73 percent of them prating daily. of Alabama’s 4.9 million population, 86 percent are Christian, 12 percent do not belong to any religion, and 1 percent practicing another religion, but Christianity.

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